Is Business Setup in UAE Possible Now?


Never think it is impossible to setup a company in UAE NOW IN THIS CRITICAL SITUATION

You may think it is impossible to start a new company or business in UAE now in this hard situation we all are facing. Your concerns were like

I’m in quarantine or staying at home then how can I setup a company now?

All the government offices in UAE are closed then how can I setup a company now?

Without meeting the consultants directly how can I setup a company now?

Without traveling to UAE how can I  start a business?

How we can come to sign the agreement?

After or during corona will we get any concessions?

Can we start a business nowadays?

OMG!!!  These are the questions you may be thinking about now. Right?

The one and only answer to these questions is the place where you have reached and that is Business Link UAE. For setting up a company or business during these quarantine days is possible without any doubt.

Even if you are in home quarantine, you can register or book an appointment with us via online and one of our consultants will surely contact you and help you in understanding the procedures that you need for this. Or you can visit our website and ask for your requirement in the online chat also.

Nowadays every organization is providing their services online even our government offices in UAE. So no need to worry about this. All your documents for the business setup procedures will be done through the online service of the UAE Government.

And the very important thing is that your physical presence is not needed for setting up a company in UAE. So that you don’t have to travel from your country to UAE for this. Most of the free zones except Free zones in Dubai will provide you the license and visa without your physical presence. Only your digital signature is required in MOAA. If in case you need to travel, we are able to complete all the procedures till your signing step. And in some Free zones in Dubai DMCC introduced Skype chat with clients and then they can send the MOAA for your signature.

We all know you all are in-home quarantine and no one can meet us directly and sign the agreement after feeling trustful by talking to us.  But we, at Business Link always promise you a trustful service that you can never imagine. You can search for our customer reviews and watch how they all are satisfied with our services.

And also we are providing a 50% offer on our service charge for the new business setup in UAE and also in Saudi Arabia. This is really a good deal for you in this situation. This offer has already started on the first of April 2020 and it ends on April 30th. So never lose this opportunity and get ready to setup your business anywhere in UAE or in Saudi Arabia.

Business Link UAE is always there with you to accomplish your dream of setting up a business. Our service is guiding and helping all global customers to satisfy their needs to setup their own business in UAE or KSA. And we have fast and reliable service with ease of processing within days of completion. Please go through our services given below.

Our Business Setup Services in UAE and KSA

Build and grow your business from a normal start-up to a big scale-up. Payless for us and earn more from your new business setup.


Never Quarantine your Business Setup Dreams on Your Self Quarantine Days

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