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Commercial License in Dubai

The commercial license in Dubai is a mandatory requirement for all businesses within the trading industry who want to sell any commodities and goods. So, if you are planning to setup a business in UAE which involves trading, you will require a commercial license.


Possibly the most sought-after license in the country, the commercial license, also known as a trading license, is issued to companies that conduct activities related to the trading of goods and commodities, import and export, low-scale manufacturing (in some cases), and more. This license, much like others, is applied to legalize your business operations in the UAE.

The reason for the popularity of a commercial license in Dubai is the amount of flexibility it offers in terms of the goods that can be traded. Though it is important to finalize the sort of activity you will be involved in prior to obtaining a license – however once obtained, you can carry out a maximum of 10 activities related to the main business.

Some business activities fit both into a commercial license and tourism, industrial or professional license; and making the right decision when applying for a license can feel quite worrying. With a trusted consultancy firm though, this can feel like a piece of cake. Our experts have dealt with many such queries for over two decades, get in touch and let us guide you towards the right license.

Dubai is a hub for investment, and regardless of the type of activity you’re involved in with a commercial license, Business Link can assist by taking over the completion of all requirements and necessary procedural tasks. Your business is as important to us as it is to you!

What activities are involved under a commercial license in Dubai?

With well over 100 activities within the scope of a commercial license, the opportunities within are endless if you’ve got the right business plan in mind. Here are some of the trading and service-providing business activities that fall under this license type;

Activities that require special permission

The United Arab Emirates is very particular in terms of rules and regulations, and to ensure everything is done in a safe, secure, and orderly manner, you are often required to seek additional approvals from the concerned authorities.

We understand that it can feel like quite the task to first apply for a business license, manage paperwork, seek additional approvals, and more – our services are catered to ensuring the launch of your business takes place with all approvals, that are carried out by our dedicated PROs.

Benefits of a commercial license in Dubai

The commercial license is both; easily accessible to obtain and one with immense advantages, making it a highly desirable license by locals and foreigners alike. The benefits are endless and most activities underneath this license have been known to be profitable. Some of these benefits are;

How can you obtain a license?

As the commercial license is the most popular license in the country, the application process for the same has been made simple and easily accessible.