Commercial License in Dubai

A commercial license in Dubai is a business license that allows a company to engage in commercial activities such as buying and selling goods and services.

It is required for businesses operating in Dubai and must be obtained through the Department of Economic Development.


The commercial/trading license is issued to businesses that conduct specific activities. These can be related to:

  • Trading of goods and commodities
  • Import and export
  • Low-scale manufacturing

A commercial license in Dubai offers enormous flexibility regarding the goods that can be traded. Before applying for the license, finalizing the business activity you will be involved in is important. However, once obtained, you can carry out up to 10 activities related to the main business.

For new entrepreneurs, making the right decision when applying for a license can feel quite worrying. As some business activities can fall under more than one license type.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of professional business consultants, this can feel like a piece of cake. 

Activities Under A Commercial License:

With over 100 activities within the scope of a commercial license, the opportunities within are endless.

You can contact professional business setup consultants for an extensive list of activities. 

Here are some of the trading and service-providing business activities that fall under this license type:

Activities That Require Special Permission:

For certain activities under a commercial license, it is crucial to note that they require additional permissions from the government. 

These include: 

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Benefits of A Commercial License in Dubai:

Some of the many benefits of a commercial license in Dubai include: 

Obtaining the License

The following are the steps to obtain a commercial license in Dubai: