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Updating commercial register data for individual establishment

Renewal Commercial Register

Amending Commercial register

Issuing Main Commercial Register

Writing off main commercial register

Providing a statement “to whom it may concern” to individuals

A statement of non obtaining any commercial register

Getting commercial register full data for an EST

Transfer Commercial Register from Main to Branch or vice versa

Transfer the Ownership of Commercial Register

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Query about commercial registration data

Incorporation of a joint stock company (Saudi or Gulf)

Incorporation of a simplified joint stock company (Saudi or Gulf)

Amending a company contract

Establishing a joint venture company (Saudi or Gulf)

Establishing a Limited Partnership Company (Saudi or Gulf)

Establishment of a Limited Liability Company (Saudi or Gulf)

Amending the articles of association of a joint stock company

Transformation from a company to an enterprise

Renewal of the Commercial Register of Companies

Amending the company's status

Modifying the system of a simplified joint stock company

Partner’s the decision to merge the company

Partner’s decision to abandon incorporation

Company liquidation

Translation of incorporation contracts

Tansformation of the legal entity of the company into another entity

Updating shareholders register

Booking a Commercial Name

Objection on rejecting the booking of a trade name

Association System

Application for amending a commercial agency

Application for renewal of Commercial Agency

Application for registering a Commercial Agency

Application for writing off a commercial agency

Raise the results of the General Assembly

Briefing the ministry to the association

The best conditions to setup your business in Ksa

Activity Clarity

Clearly define the specific investment activity for which you are seeking a license.

International Presence

Applicants must have an existing entity outside the Kingdom to demonstrate the international nature of their business.

Experience Requirement

Ensure the license applicant possesses a minimum of three years of relevant experience in the intended business activity.

Intellectual Property Recognition

Individuals with internationally recognized patents, scientific content, and documented intellectual property rights are eligible for an expedited licensing process.
All members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can register their appropriate company in accordance with Saudi regulations. It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is making significant efforts to develop a supportive and stimulating business environment. New measures are continually being introduced to facilitate commercial activities, underscoring the Kingdom’s steadfast commitment to enhancing its investment climate.”

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