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Explore the key reasons why investing in Saudia Arabia is a game-changer and how our dedicated services at Business Link can make your investment journey seamless.


Business Link is your gateway to swift and effective Business Setup Services, operation commencement, and investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our highly competitive services include transaction completion and follow-up for businesses already established or in the process of formation.

Benefits of Setting Up Business in KSA

Discover a unique blend of over 35 industrial and economic cities strategically designed to provide competitive advantages. Each city functions as a specialized zone, operated by a major developer, offering joint production, comprehensive benefits, and extensive utilities. From industrial lands to real estate and services at competitive prices, the Kingdom stands out globally, ensuring a lucrative investment environment.

Benefit from a stable monetary system and an independent financial sector. With an average Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio of 18.5% in the banking sector, the Kingdom boasts one of the world’s strongest financial systems. Regulatory reforms have elevated the Saudi financial market to the status of emerging markets, opening doors for global investors.
Vision 2030 is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the business environment and economic performance. Our programs, aligned with this vision, offer unprecedented opportunities for investors looking to expand their global investment portfolios. Explore diverse Saudi sectors like entertainment, information technology, and financial services, creating new avenues for high returns
The Kingdom is committed to elevating its transportation network, local and cross-border facilities, and information technology infrastructure. Collaboration with the private sector is essential in areas such as communications, cloud computing, high-speed connectivity, and digital transformation—an integral part of realizing the vision

Why Choose Business Link for GRO Services in KSA?​


By outsourcing GRO services, you not only save valuable time and resources but also gain the freedom to concentrate on your core business operations.


Our assistance is designed to help minimize the risk of non-compliance with local regulations, preventing potential penalties and legal complications.

& Experience

Business Link possesses extensive knowledge and practical experience concerning the local regulations, laws, and practices within Saudi Arabia. 

Our Services at the Ministry of Investment​

Trade Name Reservation

Commercial Registration Issuance for Sole Proprietorship

Commercial Registration Issuance for Companies

Branch Registration for Sole Proprietorship

Branch Registration for Companies

New Company Establishment Contract Study

Commercial Registration Renewal for Sole Proprietorships

Commercial Registration Renewal for Companies

Commercial Registration Issuance Service for Foreign Company Branches

Modification of Company Address

Modification of Sole Proprietorship Address

Modification of Commercial Registration for Sole Proprietorship

Modification of Commercial Registration for Companies

Investment License Issuance

documents required

Investment License Issuance:

File Opening Services for the Establishment

Establishment Registration Services:

General Manager's Visa Issuance

PRO Services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our professional team is your go-to for quick and precise solutions. Whether you’re dealing with government bodies, public institutions, or private companies, we handle all the administrative tasks, making your business operations smoother. Let us take care of the paperwork, so you can focus on growing your business.

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