Business Setup in Dubai

Business Setup in Dubai

When it comes to business setup in Dubai, UAE has different things to compare to the rest of the world.

Dubai is indeed one of the best and most hardworking countries in the world to start your business.

While almost all countries are lagging behind due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dubai was the first country to open up. The oil production in Dubai is playing an important role in enhancing or speeding up business setup in Dubai.

The merchant and traders can eventually get a lot of benefits by investing in Dubai.

Dubai is the new business hub and Business Link can help you set up a business in Dubai. Moreover, it is also bringing about several entrepreneurial opportunities for the people.

Types of Business Setup

Business Link is extremely famous around UAE to help people set up their respective businesses. There are different types of business setup opportunities in Dubai. Each of them can prove to be extremely fruitful in the long run.
Business Link can play an important role in helping you set up a business in Dubai without any hassle. We have a team of professionals who ensure that all your documents are accurate and in sync with each other. If you have any queries about business setup in Dubai, you can reach out to us.


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    Mainland Company Setup in Dubai

    Over the years, Dubai emerges to be one of the fastest-growing cities. It plays an important role in boosting the different entrepreneurial activities over the last few years. The Department of Economic Development or DED in Dubai has set up different rules and regulations for starting a business.

    Since there are so many types of business options in Dubai. You might want to consider which is the best. Well, mainland company setup in Dubai has proven to be one of the most beneficial ones. The growth of businesses can only happen with the mainland company set up in Dubai. Business Link in UAE is one of the most prominent business consultancies. With our years of experience, we only dedicate to bring the best solutions.

    Dubai Mainland is the main area where you can set up your business in Dubai. This area regulates by the Department of Economic Development. The Dubai Mainland companies also refer to as onshore companies. These types of companies can easily perform within Dubai without any pressure and restrictions.

    Types of Dubai Mainland license

    If you want to set up a mainland company in Dubai, you will get several benefits. It is advisable to keep a check with all the company licenses provided by the company. The common license offer by the Dubai Mainland company include the following

    Commercial Business License

    This license is made for only commercial purposes. It offers a 51% share to the UAE nationals and 49% of the same is given to the ex-pat partner.

    Professional Business License

    For the professional business license, 100% of the ownership will be held by the ex-pat partner itself. The UAE national will however need to act as the local service agent.

    Why opt for mainland business?

    If you want to develop and boost your presence in UAE, you should opt for a business setup in Dubai. However, that’s not all. There are several benefits of choosing a mainland business.

    Unrestricted business activities

    One of the greatest benefits of setting up a mainland company is that you will get the opportunity to indulge in various unrestricted business activities. As a mainland company, you will not need any business license to trade with other companies. Hence, you can easily indulge in business with offshore and free zone companies.

    Various business opportunities

    One of the greatest benefits of Mainland company setup is that you will get various business opportunities. You can eventually get a wide range of opportunities to grow your business. Unlike the Freezone companies, your business wouldn’t be restricted to a specific area.

    Wide presence in the UAE market

    One of the greatest benefits of starting a mainland company in Dubai is that you get a better presence in the UAE market. Mainland Company formation in Dubai gives you the opportunity to interact with everyone. Hence, you will get better incentives too.

    Work in association with governmental bodies

    When you start a mainland company in Dubai. You get the opportunity to work in association with governmental bodies. They have an upper hand in coming in contact with the governmental bodies. If you want better opportunities in the UAE market, you should consider working with Business Link.

    Financially viable

    Setting up a company in Dubai is one of the most viable options to try. Mainland business setup in Dubai can prove to be extremely beneficial in the long run. You get better opportunities to get a wide range of incentives.

    What are the approvals?

    When you need approvals from the government, you will need to reach out to the respective bodies. The licence will be given by the government bodies to ensure proper approvals for all the business activities.

    Here are some of the bodies you need to reach out

    • Knowledge and Human Development Authority- Education-related license
    • Dubai Health Authority- Medical License
    • Food Department Authority- Food-related license

    There are different government bodies to reach out for getting the license. Business Link can help you get the respective approvals.

    How to start a mainland company in Dubai?

    To set up a mainland company in Dubai, it is advisable to follow the basic steps. Here’s everything you need to know for starting a mainland company in Dubai.

    • Approval of business activity and name
    • Selecting a local service agent of partner
    • Apply for the initial approval of mainland company setup
    • Prepare the court notarization and MOA
    • Get the office space
    • Submit all necessary documents for mainland company setup in UAE

    Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

    Offshore business setup in Dubai requires registering businesses and getting licenses for free trade zones across the UAE. This plays an important role in ensuring every business functions diligently. The offshore companies are usually included within the free zones of UAE. However, most of these businesses need to regulate as per guidelines.

    The free zone offshore companies will however have some limitations. But there are benefits too. Offshore companies can easily open an account in a bank in the UAE. They have the benefit of regulating the business income. Nonetheless, unlike other companies, there is no requirement of having a minimum capital to start an offshore business. Well, starting an offshore company in Dubai has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    The benefits of setting up an offshore company in the UAE include the following
    • 100% foreign ownership
    • 100% asset protection
    • Exemption from all kinds of tax
    • No requirement for deposit of any capital gains
    • Multi-Currency bank account
    • Confidentiality
    • Virtual form of business

    Business Link can help you set up an offshore company in Dubai. We follow an easy and fastest processing system to ensure everyone gets the benefit. We are well aware of the legal processes and will thus, ensure your business is set up without any hassle.

    Being experienced in this field, we have been contributing to the needs of businesses for a long time. We are aware of all the complicated procedures and can further help you with suppliers, clients, and banking transactions to ensure the best of your business.

    How to set up a business in free zone UAE?

    Business Link contributes towards easy and fast business setup in free zone UAE. The process include

    • Have the legal entity
    • Choose a particular trade name
    • Apply for business license
    • Have an office space

    Irrespective of the type of company you’re planning to start in UAE, Business Link can help you with it all. Contact us today for extensive information.

    Free Zone Company Setup

    If you’re planning to set up a free zone company in Dubai. You will need to follow the rules and regulations. Business Link can help you acquire the free zone company license easily.

    Foreign investors looking forward to starting their free zone business in Dubai can easily set up one with the help of Business Link. The concept of a free zone company has been brought into existence for foreign investors. The Free Zone authority is responsible for regulating the process of free zone company formation.

    Over the years, free zone companies have become extremely popular in Dubai. With Dubai attracting so many business opportunities. You can keep a check on the growth of the sector and eventually develop your business. People can also indulge in tax-free income with a free zone company setup. As per the policies, personal income and profits are also exempted from tax.

    Types of Free Zone Companies

    If you’re planning to set up free zone companies in Dubai. You should be aware of the different processes. The common types of free zone companies in Dubai include

    Free Zone Establishment

    The company registration is done only under one individual and corporate establishment.

    Free Zone Company

    This type of company will have two or more shareholders that will either be companies or individuals.

    Branch Office

    The rules and regulations for setting up a free zone company for a branch office in Dubai will be different. The regulations would further vary depending on the free zones in which you’re establishing you are the company.