GCC National Owned Investment in Saudi Arabia

Dual Ownership

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A business venture for GCC nationals like never before

Setting up a GCC Company is a unique investment opportunity presented to investors, who are nationals of other GCC countries, looking to set up fresh companies in KSA. BusinessLink can help with company formation in Saudi Arabia for GCC nationals. With a team of consultants specializing in business setup in Saudi Arabia in our UAE office and the business center in KSA, our business setup process is quick, easy, and efficient. We can have your business up and running in no time.

While GCC nationals can avail of the same benefits as KSA nationals, they are still prohibited from taking up certain business activities. These include consultancy, auditing and finance, insurance, manpower, engineering, aviation, or health consultancy.

Benefits of Setting up a GCC Company

A citizen from any GCC country can enjoy several benefits related to finances, business activities, rules, applicable regulations, and more. One of these benefits is the ability to kickstart their own business in KSA. Other benefits include:

Documents required for a business run by a GCC national

Process of company formation for GCC nationals

The following are the critical steps involved in the process of establishing your business setup in KSA.

Process of company formation for GCC locals

Once all the steps have been taken care of, your business is ready to start its operations!

We at BusinessLink focus on simplifying your business setup process. If you’re a GCC national aspiring to establish a company in one of the strongest economies in the Middle East – here’s your chance! Get in touch, and let’s get working.