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GCC National Owned Investment in Saudi Arabia


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A business venture for GCC nationals like never before

Setting up a GCC Company (formally known as a GCC National owned investment) is a special investment opportunity presented to investors that are nationals of other GCC countries looking to set up fresh companies in the KSA. The general ruling in Saudi Arabia is that foreign investors (those not belonging to KSA or any GCC country) are not allowed to establish a fresh or new company in Saudi Arabia; they are only permitted to set up a branch of their company established outside of KSA which is in business for minimum of 1 year.

Through this facility, entrepreneurs that are citizens of GCC nations can easily visit the KSA, set up their businesses (whether trading or services), and will be able to avail the same benefits that are present to Saudi nationals. This allows you, as a GCC national, to set up your business much quicker as it cuts out on having to wait on receiving approvals from government entities and other delays that unfortunately can take place for foreign investors.

A GCC company is a great opportunity if you’re interested in company formation in Saudi Arabia and the good news is that – we can help! Business Link helps with company set up in Saudi Arabia for both GCC nationals as well as foreign investors. With a team of consultants specializing in business setup in Saudi Arabia in our UAE home office as well as one based in KSA; our business setup process is quick, easy, and efficient to undergo, and we can have your business up and running in no time.

Benefits of setting up a GCC Company

A citizen from any GCC country gets to enjoy several benefits in terms of finances, business activities, rules, regulations that apply, and more. One of these benefits surely is the ability to kickstart their own business in KSA. Further benefits of the same are:

Documents required for a business run by a GCC national

Something to keep in mind for company formation in KSA

Process of company formation for GCC locals

Once all the steps have been taken care of, your business is ready to start its operations!

Simplifying your business setup process is what we, at Business Link, strive to do for our clients. If you’re a GCC national aspiring to establish a company in one of the strongest economies in the Middle East – here’s your chance! Get in touch and let’s get working.