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Starting Mainland Company Setup

  • Mainland is a great jurisdiction for investors who prefer complete freedom in terms of running their business without having to feel restricted.
  • When it comes to mainland company formation, Business Link aids local and foreign investors to ensure your business setup process is seamless and stress-free!

What is a Mainland Company?

A mainland company is one that is licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). As a business jurisdiction, investors and entrepreneurs majorly prefer this location. 

Reasons to Set up a Mainland Company in UAE

  • Obtaining a Mainland license and operating under this jurisdiction gives you immense freedom and flexibility to trade.
  • A mainland company formation will permit you to conduct business activities in and outside of UAE without any restrictions.
  • Business Link’s consultants offer the best solutions for all your business needs, especially for mainland company formation.
  • Offering guidance and support each step of the way, we aim to make these complicated and lengthy processes easier to comprehend. 

Benefits of setting up a business in the Mainland

Mainland Regions for Business Setup

The UAE is home to various mainland jurisdictions that investors can use to launch their businesses. Since each Emirate offers different advantages depending on the business activity – setting up a business in the UAE can do wonders for your business.

Dubai is the most popular business setup hub which offers a variety of activities – and it only continues to grow. Each business zone in Dubai offers unparalleled advantages. Be it in Business Bay, Al Quoz, Jumeriah, or Al Qusais, depending on your business activity, you are sure to find an area that allows your business to thrive. Enquire Now

The Abu Dhabi Mainland is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing zones due to the continuous national developments. Unlike other Emirates, commercial licenses in Abu Dhabi are valid for two years. Enquire Now

Company formation in Sharjah is an excellent option because of its strategic location and ease the on the pocket. Connecting multiple trade zones, ports, and industries, Sharjah is definitely a booming place for business set up. 

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The economy of Ajman is one that’s growing quickly. As it is actively being developed to become more investor-friendly, it is an ideal consideration for future business ventures. It is a preferred hub for business due to its efficient lease options and the availability of affordable offices. Enquire Now

Setting up a company in the RAK Mainland assures plenty of growth opportunities, along with the usual benefits that come with Mainland company formation. Situated only an hour away from Dubai, the Emirate has much to offer to investors looking for a breeding ground for their businesses – thanks to their thriving economy. Enquire Now

Fujairah’s location allows for trade to take place both through sea and air routes – an aspect that’s vital for those wanting their business to grow abundantly. With the help of new policies and an encouraging business environment; companies set up in Fujairah’s Mainland get to reap many benefits. Enquire Now

UAQ Mainland is a thriving jurisdiction to set up your business in. Activities such as trading and construction have long been the most practiced in the Emirate, with other activities slowly breaking through and making a name for themselves!

We are committed to always assisting our clients no matter no complicated the scope of work may be. Our dedicated experts offer trusted solutions, unmatched guidance, and support throughout your business setup process. Let Business Link be your link to success.

Legal entities that can be formed in the Mainland

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a common company type that exists in the UAE Mainland. This company type is generally founded with 2-50 shareholders, and their liability is limited only to the shares of their business’ capital. A Limited Liability Company proves to be a great choice for investors because of the flexibility that comes along with it; LLCs can trade freely anywhere in and outside the UAE.

A subsidiary company in the UAE is a legal entity that’s independent of the parent company – meaning the parent or holding company will not be liable or accountable for the actions of the subsidiary.

A civil company, also known as a civil establishment or a professional company is one that is suited to individuals in the service-oriented industry. While it provides 100% foreign ownership, it’s a company type that involves unlimited liability.

The branch office of a company operates differently from a subsidiary, in that it isn’t a separate legal entity. The activities and operations of a branch office may be similar to its holding company and do not necessarily need to be identical; the name, however, is required to remain the same.

The sole establishment, or sole proprietorship, is another type of company that can be formed in the UAE, that permits investors to only conduct commercial or professional activities in the country. As the name suggests, these established are owned by one person who takes complete responsibility for all the liabilities of the company.

A branch of a foreign company can be set up in the UAE, under the same name and carry out the same activities and act as an extension of the parent company that’s been set up outside of the UAE.

Our qualified consultants are experienced with Mainland Licenses and have long assisted individuals in setting up their companies in different Mainlands. Get in touch with us and we’ll guide you through the process too!