Dual Ownership

Dual Ownership

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Set up your company in the UAE and branch out to the KSA

The only thing better than owning one company is owning two! Dual ownership is an interesting opportunity offered within the UAE and KSA to foreign investors looking to invest in both of GCC’s investment hubs. It allows you to establish a new company in the UAE after which you can expand and open a branch in KSA.

This unique business setup option allows for immense recognition of your brand, along with the chance to create two sources of income! Though the process is slightly lengthier due to the involvement of two companies in two countries, with BusinessLink, you get to experience immense ease and enjoy the end result in the UAE and KSA. If you’re interested in opening up a business in UAE and then establishing a branch office in Saudi Arabia, keep on reading!

Benefits of owning a business in UAE and KSA

It’s a given that two businesses will bring forth an immense amount of benefits to you as an investor, but let’s take a deeper look into what these benefits are:

Documents required for company formation in UAE and KSA

The process of building your entrepreneurship journey in the UAE and KSA involves less paperwork in the beginning. Here are some of the company registration requirements you should be aware of:
As your trusted business setup advisors, we will take care of the entire setup process in both UAE and KSA to guarantee a stress-free experience for you! As a team of dedicated professionals who aim to deliver the best, we ensure to be ever involved with your business setup process to make the entire experience seamless for you! With BusinessLink, no dream is too far off to be achieved, give us a call and let us be your #linktosuccess.