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Expand your services to the largest economy in the GCC

Business opportunities in Saudi Arabia have been proliferating recently, thanks to the changes in reforms, technological advancements, and an influx of foreign investors adding to the growth of the economy.

If you are a foreign investor thinking of opening a company in Saudi Arabia, you can establish a branch office. Here is all you need to know about opening a branch office in KSA.

A branch office is another establishment located separately from the parent/holding company. Establishing a branch office in Saudi Arabia allows foreign investors to increase and expand their presence in Saudi Arabia through a business which gives them 100% ownership. In this structure, the branch office is required to carry out the same activities as that of its parent company.

As a business setup consultancy firm that deals with business setup services both in the UAE and in KSA, our team in the UAE can provide guidance while our team in KSA will take over your branch setup process and support you till the end!

Benefits of opening branch in Saudi Arabia

Documents required for branch office in Saudi Arabia

To have your branch office license processed successfully, you are required to submit the following documents in order to avoid delays midway. BusinessLink assists you in the preparation and collection of these documents to ensure a smooth setup process. The following are the some of the important documents required for the registration.

Why choose BusinessLink?

BusinessLink has been operating in Saudi Arabia for more than five years and has a business center in Riyadh, a prominent city in the region. Our expert consultants provide our clients with legal advice, making the business set-up process easier and more convenient. We assist our clients in varied areas, including business setup, licensing, visa services, payment gateway, and banking. Furthermore, our PRO services enable businesses to navigate legal formalities without hassles.

Are you an entrepreneur eager to take your business to the next level in KSA? Get in touch with BusinessLink and let us manage your branch office launch in KSA.