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Professional License in Dubai

For anyone with an entrepreneurial mind, Dubai is an excellent place to obtain a business license due to the plethora of opportunities.  The professional license in Dubai is a highly beneficial one for a skilled individual looking to provide services of some sort. Not everyone can apply for a professional license as it’s only issued to people that show evidence of educational qualification in the field or proof of expertise.


A professional license is usually issued to individuals who want to manage their business operations themselves. However, if the business is to have more than one owner, legally it will be known as a civil company. A civil company, also known as a civil establishment, is a company owned by two or more individuals looking to provide professional license services.

What activities are involved under a professional license in Dubai?

Dubai is home to several people, skilled in their craft and with plenty to offer. A professional license is a luxury for such people, as it allows them to monetize their talents and put them to good use. With an abundance of activities that come under the umbrella of a professional license, the choices are endless for the skilled folk. Some of these activities are:

Activities that require special permission

There are always certain activities whose proper functioning is kept at the forefront. To ensure everything is carried out in a safe and legal manner, there are some activities that require further approvals from their concerned authorities.

Thanks to our strong links with government entities, we are able to assist you with getting your approvals much quicker and without any hassle. 

Benefits of a professional license

How can you obtain a professional license?

The process of a professional license has been curated in a simple manner to encourage deserving and qualified individuals to set up their own businesses. The steps to obtain a professional license, these are the steps you must follow;