Professional License in Dubai

A professional license in Dubai is a government-issued permit that allows an individual to work in a specific profession within the emirate. 

The license is typically tied to the individual’s work visa and is required for both resident and non-resident professionals in Dubai.


The professional license is required for many occupations in Dubai, including but not limited to: engineering, medicine, law, architecture, etc.

Obtaining a professional license involves meeting specific educational and experience requirements. Which are:

  • Obtaining relevant certifications
  • Finding a sponsor
  • Paying various fees

Activities Involved Under A Professional License:

A professional license is a luxury for individuals with specialized talents. Majorly, it allows people to monetize their talents and put them to good use. With an abundance of activities under the umbrella of a professional license, the choices are endless for the skilled individual.

Some of these activities are:

Activities That Require Special Permissions:

Some activities require further approvals from concerned authorities to ensure the process is carried out safely and legally.

These are: 

If you choose a business setup in Dubai with the above-mentioned activities, Business Link’s strong ties with the government can assist you in easily acquiring the license with 100% transparency. 

Benefits of A Professional License:

Obtaining A Professional License:

The steps to obtain a professional license in Dubai are as follows: