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Vat Services in Dubai

VAT Services in Dubai

The introduction of VAT in Dubai’s taxation system has changed the business environment in a big way, resulting in the birth of several questions, from individual and corporate entities, about its compliancy, auditing system, and general laws. It has become even more urgent for these enterprises to understand the implications in case they do not comply knowingly or unknowingly with this new tax regime.

Incidentally, VAT implementation in Dubai begins on 1st January 2018 and the last date for the registration was 31st December 2017.

Business Link UAE offers a dedicated team of CPAs and CIAs who are well versed with IFRS laws and therefore in the position to clarify all your VAT-related queries. We provide VAT Services in Dubai, VAT registration services, VAT Management, and accounting and auditing services in Dubai, currently the most crucial services business folks are seeking as the deadline for it closes in. A point to note; VAT registration is mandatory for businesses that boast a turnover in excess of AED 375,000. And hence, the government has categorized three types of VAT applicants.

  1. Entities whose turnover is AED 375,000 or more.
  2. Those businesses are on the threshold, but still below the stipulated number.
  3. Enterprises with a turnover of less than AED 187,500. Businesses from this category need not register for VAT.

Business Link UAE provides answers to several questions plaguing the business community. We make sure that the VAT is registered under the correct business domain/landscape. Such as DED, DEFM, RERA, or WIPO. Also, look into the business activities and shareholding pattern before taking any action. Businesses also need to understand that VAT registration in Dubai is not mandatory for small business firms, especially those with a turnover of less than AED 187,500.

Business Link UAE offers VAT registration and auditing services in Dubai which in a sense is the culmination of the VAT routine. With a firm grip on UAE VAT laws and UAE auditing standards, we offer VAT consulting services in Dubai that are second to none.

Different between other VAT Consultancy & VAT Services in Dubai:

The compelling features of our VAT services in Dubai, UAE:

  • Highly qualified staff.
  • Transparent working.
  • We offer support in niche areas.
  • We provide end-to-end solutions.

It simply means our customer is just an email or a phone call away from accessing our multi-tier services.

Some of the important documents required for VAT registration are as follows:

  • Passport copy or Emirates ID – To verify the credentials of the authorized signatory.
  • Trade license – A copy of a trade license. Typically in the name of the entity that is applying for VAT registration.
  • Company Documents – Such as Article of Association, and various Certificates accentuating the type of business and related activities.
  • Business Account – Turnover for the past 12 months.
  • Bank details – Bank name, account number, authorized signatory/s, etc.


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