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Are you looking for civil company formation in Dubai and want to monetize your talents? Keep on reading!

Civil companies, also known as professional companies, can be set up by individuals looking to offer professional services, such as carpentry, home painting, engineering services, accountants, educationalists, medical professionals, lawyers, and more.

Civil company formation in Dubai is one that involves two or more professionals, who hold educational qualifications or some form of expertise in their fields.

While this company type allows both professionals to carry out these activities like services, the downside perhaps is that these professional companies entail unlimited liability on the part of those involved.

In the UAE Mainland, 100% ownership is permitted, however, you’re still required to work with a Local Service Agent to legalize your business operations. Unlike the case with a local sponsor, LSAs don’t own any shares within your company. Their main role is simply to liaise with government entities and serve as your legal representative.

In a civil company, the minimum number of partners required is 2 and can go up to 50. While it’s not necessary for the second, or any, partner to be an individual, a foreign company too can serve as a partner along with the individual. This is possible provided the foreign company is involved in the same industry and activities as the civil company that’s been set up in the UAE. Another thing to keep in mind is that only foreign companies can act as partners in your civil company formation in Dubai, businesses set up independently are prohibited from being involved in civil companies.

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Benefits of a Civil Company formation in Dubai

Like any other business setup, opening a civil company in UAE also comes with massive benefits. Here are some of them:

Quick setup

Civil company formation in Dubai is a process that’s quick and simple. Thanks to the newly introduced provisions, you could obtain a license with DED quickly.

Unlimited visas

Most popular with larger firms, civil companies allow owners to apply for multiple visas. While there is no upper limit, you are, however, required to have 100sq.ft of office space per visa. However, this becomes a little unrealistic for larger firms that require hundreds of visas – for the same, you are permitted to negotiate with the DED regarding this.


Unlike other licenses or company types, it is relatively cheaper to set up a civil company. You are only required to pay for the professional license as there is no requirement to pay for any sort of capital upfront. This makes the total startup cost of your business much cheaper compared to the rest.

Ease in sponsoring dependents

As an owner or shareholder in a civil company, you have the opportunity to sponsor residence visas for dependents. These could be members of your family, domestic help, etc. However, it is required of you to meet the set requirements, other than which, the process is simple and highly beneficial.

How can you set up a Civil Company in Dubai?

Here’s everything you need to know about the process of civil company formation in Dubai.

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