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Trademark Registration in Dubai

The sort of significance brands have in this day and age is immense due to which trademark registration in Dubai also has alot of importance. Acting as their own personal identity, these trademarks are used to recognize the brands. The trademark registration service is highly recommended as each brand deserves to protect its identity and name. Our professional business setup consultants can assist SMEs to get the trademark registered without a hassle and saving time.

Your trademark is an important element as it gives your brand its unique identity.

Trademark Registration

What is a trademark?

Your business’ trademark can be reflected by various things such as symbols, logos, words or signs – whatever you believe speaks for your brand the best. Your final trademark can be made of an illustration, letter, name, word, an image, signature or more. The main purpose of a trademark is that it acts as a means of communication between your brand and your current/potential audience.

Importance of trademark registration in Dubai

A unique logo that’s been designed well will do wonders for your business. Allowing you to stand out in a pool of competitors, your trademark is what people will use to remember your brand.

Your trademark is what will ultimately speak to the public on your behalf. Simply through the visual element of a logo, symbol or word, your trademark conveys the deeper message your brand is trying to get across.

The tech-savvy word we live in allows a lot of brands to gain popularity on social media. Using simple tactics such as adding your business logo to an image and publishing it on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can slowly create a social media presence and with that, increase the authenticity of your business.

Legal requirements for trademark registration in Dubai

The Ministry of Economy within the UAE is the official body in charge of reviewing, authorizing and registering trademarks in the country. Once approved, your trademark is valid in all seven Emirates, for a period of 10 years, after which you are required to renew your application. To apply for a trademark registration in Dubai, you must submit the following:

What are the characters/signs that cannot be trademarked?

While there are an endless number of options available for you to use as part of your trademark, the UAE has issued restrictions to ensure nothing disrespectful or meaningless is put out for the people of UAE to consume. The following lists some of these restrictions:

Since the list is quite extensive and can be confusing, hiring a business consultancy to undertake your trademark registration process would be beneficial. Our experts can assist you by offering timely advice regarding your designs, what works and what doesn’t, to ensure the entire process moves in smooth and efficient manner.