How to Start a Part-Time Business in Dubai While Being Employed?

The Government of UAE ensures that the country’s workforce is happily employed and maintains a work-life balance. In its commercial capital – Dubai, companies follow an employee-first approach to assure that their workforce is filled with zeal. Nevertheless, many employees consider starting a part-time business in Dubai as a legal side hustle.

In recent years, Dubai has made several efforts to promote the start-up culture and support Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). They help boost the economy and draw better products and services. Additionally, this leads to higher rates of employment and steers innovation. This commercial hub has set up more than thirty free zones, which offer business licenses to new and existing foreign-owned businesses with 100% ownership.

According to Dubai Chambers, the official body to support the business community in Dubai registered more than 27,800 new companies in 2021. This was a 66.8 percent increase from 2020. The total number of businesses registered in Dubai currently stands at 287,000. Hamad Buamim, president and chief executive of Dubai Chambers, stated that the increasing numbers show Dubai’s strengthening position as a global hub for business, trade, and investment.

Additionally, if you are an existing full-time employee in Dubai, you can start your side job by following a few steps to comply with the legalities. If you want to establish your business whilst being a full-time employee, chiefly, all you need is to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current employer and apply for a trade license under your visa. However, in certain cases, some employers may refuse to receive a NOC and employers can find the process demanding. Nevertheless, that is where a business setup consultant can step in to assist with all the help you need to obtain the NOC from your employer.

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How to Establish a Business in Dubai Without a NOC?

Certain employees face difficulties when their employer rejects a NOC due to security issues and compliance orders, as every company operates upon its policies. Nonetheless, don’t be troubled because with Dubai’s unmessy and easy-to-follow protocols you can still launch a part-time business in Dubai by following the methods below:

1. Utilize your spouse’s visa

If you reside in the UAE with your spouse, you should avail yourself of their visa to establish your business if your current employer rejects your NOC. You should remember that it is illegal to start a business in Dubai if you’re already employed and open your company with the same visa.

2.  Apply for a DED or eTrader license

You can apply for an e-trader license to legally carry out your business activities. The business license is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED), which is maintained by the government.

3. Choose the appropriate free zone

Be at ease even if your NOC is rejected because free zones in Dubai do not require a letter of NOC You can still launch a new business while being employed by choosing a free zone. Below are a few options:

  • Dubai Multi-Commodities Center (DMCC)
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)
  • Dubai World Central (DWC)
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
  • International Free Zone Authority Dubai (IFZA)

4. Quick Steps to Start a Part-Time Business in Dubai

  1. Choose the right name for your business: Firstly, pick a name that represents your business well and the type of industry in which your company will operate in.
  2. Get a business license: After naming your company, apply for your DED license, which will get you your business license and the Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, and other legal papers.
  3. Get your work visa: Apply for and get your work visa to start working officially. You can also apply for visas for your family and staff.
  4. Set up a UAE bank account: Finally, the last step is to open a bank account as you cannot start operations in the UAE without a business bank account.

business in Dubai

It would be helpful for entrepreneurs, especially foreign entrepreneurs to understand the diverse options available for various types of company ownership. Several options are also available for a business license depending on the kind of company you establish and the amount of money you are willing to invest.

5. Cost-effective Business Ideas to Venture With

  1. Construction: Dubai’s tremendous growth in the establishment of skyscrapers and real estate shows that the construction sector is a great place to start. Dubai offers excellent growth opportunities for someone with strong expertise in the field.
  2. Food delivery apps: According to statistics, UAE expects a steady increase in user penetration of online food delivery until 2025. According to data from 2021, 31 percent of people order food online through delivery services. You can create an online network of restaurants and cafes and earn with each click-through.
  3. Social media marketing: To create a strong online presence, social media marketing is the way to go. Many companies prefer to hire a specialist who can work to build a successful brand image. That’s where you can put your special skills to work and also run a part-time business in Dubai.
  4. Consultancy: In Dubai, working in the consulting industry has been a growing and profitable career move. And, in today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s simpler than ever to experiment with different fields. You can provide services on any topic, from social media marketing to accounting or even business consultancy, and have an up-and-running business.
  5. E-commerce: E-Commerce solutions are the best among successful business ideas in Dubai. Especially after the period of COVID-19, e-commerce platforms are witnessing exceptional growth. A Dubai eCommerce license allows you to manage your business from anywhere across the globe.