How to Get an eCommerce License in Dubai?

An eCommerce license in Dubai is on every budding entrepreneur’s bucket list. Since the pandemic hit, most people have made a shift to online shopping. Keeping this in mind, setting up an online business by obtaining an eCommerce license in Dubai would be quite beneficial.

Much like other trading businesses, you can sell many goods with an eCommerce license in hand. The UAE has been outdoing other countries in the region with the revenue being made through its eCommerce platforms.

Dubai eCommerce Strategy

The UAE is actively making efforts to implement better initiatives that aid the growth of the economy and benefits those doing business within. Likewise, as of 2019, the Dubai eCommerce strategy has been approved by the Dubai Executive Council, with the aim to strengthen the position of the city in the eCommerce industry.

Aims also include:

  • To position Dubai as an eCommerce hub that is expected to contribute as much as AED12 billion to the GDP by 2023.
  • Welcome a larger share of foreign investment into Dubai’s eCommerce sector.

eCommerce license in Dubai

What are the benefits of an eCommerce license in Dubai?

Having your own business is a luxury in itself! While it may be tiresome on some occasions, there is truly nothing as rewarding. The benefits of having an eCommerce license are listed below:

  • Operating an online business means having the ability to work from anywhere in the world. Technology has advanced in recent years and so, working online has become incredibly convenient for all.
  • An eCommerce business is exempt from paying taxes. This includes personal income as well as corporate tax!
  • Access to safe and secure banking is another massive advantage. Since the transactions for eCommerce are done online, it is important to have secure banking systems and payment gateways in place. This ensures you and your customers can go ahead with payments in a secure manner.

Process of obtaining an eCommerce license

The process of obtaining an eCommerce license is fairly simple. But of course, like other businesses, adequate research into the market is necessary.

  • Decide what products you will sell

The first step is to locate the sort of products you are looking to sell. It could be already well available and heavily in demand. Similarly, you could find a gap in the market and deal in products that are not readily available.

  • Business name

Next, select a name for your business. It is advisable for you to keep a name that does not contradict your business activities too much. Along with this, it is also crucial for your name to be of respectful nature, and to abide by the regulations put in place by UAE.

  • Online Presence

After this, you will be required to purchase a domain name for your website and create social media handles to build the brand’s online presence.

eCommerce license in Dubai

  • Apply for an eCommerce license

To legally operate your eCommerce business in the UAE, it is important for you to obtain an eCommerce license. If you are found to be operating without a valid eCommerce license, you could face great penalties.

Once you obtain your eCommerce license in Dubai, you may proceed with your operations and begin to build your digital empire!

Things to keep in mind

Not all eCommerce businesses require an eCommerce license. Some business activities are exempt from this requirement.

The main idea is that if your business deals in the sale of physical goods, you will require an eCommerce license.

For those involved in the sale of digital services or offer services online such as fitness and physical trainers, life coaches, and more – these categories may continue to operate without an eCommerce license.

If a Dubai eCommerce License is one that has caught your attention, do not hessite in getting in touch to obtain yours! Business Link has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs in establishing their dream ventures and we can surely do the same for you!