Complete guide on how to change or remove business activities in Dubai

As the business expands and grows, you may need to add some more activities to it. However, if you are operating from Dubai, one of the most important questions to consider is if you can add a new business activities in Dubai? Well, there are several factors to consider for adding activity in trade license Dubai.

Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process to add a new or existing business activity in Dubai. However, if you are adding new business activities, you should be ready to understand the impact of changes. Whether you are adding new activities or changing the existing ones, you will need to be extremely mindful.

Is Business Activity Setup important?

Determining the business activity is one of the most crucial steps for business setup in Dubai. If you’re a foreign investor or entrepreneur, you will need to determine business activities before applying for the license. Business Link UAE suggests that you should carefully list down all the activities that are a part of your business. Since business activity listing is so important, you will need to determine if you need any changes in future or not.

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for understanding the process. Before starting any business activity in Dubai, you need to get approval from the DED. The DED activities are already listed with the department. So, once you decide to make the changes, they will check if the new services align with your existing ones. If the ones do not align with the existing ones, you will need to remove it from the list and apply again.

The laws in Dubai are very strict. So, it is advisable to be careful about the changes you’re making. Furthermore, it is extremely necessary that you make all changes under the guidance of experts. Business Link UAE has been in business since a long time. Therefore, we can completely assist you in the process.

What documents do you need to change or add business activities in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development very carefully analyses your application for changing and adding activity in trade license Dubai. Thus, you need to be extra careful while filing the application. In the initial application process, you will need to submit a range of documents.

If you are new, chances are that you do not know the process. Therefore, Business Link UAE can help you get all the necessary documents. The documents that you will need to submit to add business activity in trade license Dubai include the following

Document of approval from the respective government authorities.

  • Original Registration Certificate.
  • Proof that the trade name has been reserved.
  • Lease Copy
  • Final documentation regarding the registration and license process.
  • Approval from the Ministry of Economy
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Document from the Board of Directors of the Company
  • Original Trade license

The Memorandum of Association should consist of every information regarding the new business activity to be added. Moreover, the authorities may also need you to submit the Contract of Service Agent.

It is advisable to prepare all the documents and keep it handy in the initial stages. Being careful about the documents will only assist you in the long run and ensure a smooth procedure for adding new business activity.

Difference in Process

The process for  business setup in Dubai Mainland  and business setup in Dubai Freezone Depending on the area your business is operating from, it is crucial to understand the basics.

You need to ensure that you are following all the legal processes for adding activity in trade license Dubai. Once you get your trade license, you will need to be very careful with the documents you are adding. Moreover, you should be ready to accept the amendments. If you are new to the process, Business Link UAE can assist you in the process.

Why add new business activities in Dubai?

The business sector in Dubai is ever evolving. Mainland and free zones in Dubai are bringing several changes in law. The 100% ownership aspect has opened a variety of options for mainland business owners. Since the entrepreneurial market in Dubai is an ever flourishing one. It is always a clever add to change or add new business activity.

Dubai has become the hub for entrepreneurial activities. So, setting up new business activities in Dubai can bring opportunities of growth and profit. It has become a major attraction for the global market. So, why should you step back from choosing the business activities? However, it is necessary to cater to the DED activities before bringing any changes in your business.

With passing time, Dubai is constantly adding new business activities in their list. So, if you see new regulations about the change in business activities, you may consider doing so. Since the laws in Dubai are pretty strict, you will need to ensure that you’re abiding by the laws while changing the activities.

If you want a new business activity, you can always consult Business Link UAE.

What are the steps to add new business activity in Dubai?

Dubai follows a comprehensive list of approvals for adding business activities. It is advisable to consult the experts for this. The steps to changing or adding new business activity in your trade license include the following

  • Get approval from DED. It is extremely necessary to meet the requirements of DED before setting up any business in Dubai- mainland or freezone.
  • Fill up the BR1 form and make sure the Managing Director attests it. All the partners of the company do not need to sign the BR1 form. But, the document should have the names of all the partners. Submit the required form to DED.
  • The DED head or officer will provide the No-Objection certificate. If the officer does not provide you the NOC, you can’t add a new business activity in Dubai.
  • The agreement document is usually written in Arabic. Business Link UAE can assist you in the process of translation of the document.
  • Once you get the addendum, you need to submit it to the Department of Economic Development after getting it attested from Notary Public.
  • The document needs to be signed by all the partners. However, if all the partners aren’t available to sign, make sure to send out the Power of Attorney to absent partners. This document needs to be submitted in the legal court for proceedings.
  • After attesting all the documents, it should be submitted to the DED.
  • After approval, the payment needs to be done at DED for confirmation.
  • DED will provide you a new license to start off the business activity.

Why choose Business Link UAE?

Business Link UAE has been in business for a long time. We are familiar with the entire process of adding, changing and starting a new business activity in Dubai. We are one of the most affordable solutions in Dubai for setting up your business.

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