Business License in Dubai

A business license in Dubai is a document you need to obtain in order to carry out any sort of trading activity in the UAE. We, at Business Link, have housed a team of business consultants who can assist you with the process of applying for and obtaining a business license in UAE till the end. Our experts are well-aware of the requirements and necessary documents needed prior to sending in an application, ensuring no unwanted delays come up.

We assist you in taking your first step by facilitating you to get your business license without any hassle. Regardless of which license you’re looking to obtain; our expert consultants can guide you in this regard.

While there are well over a thousand activities that the Department of Economic Development (DED) qualifies as business activities, they have split these into four main trade license options.

Offering step-by-step guidance in the application process, Business Link is proud to be people’s leading choice for the application for a Business setup License in Dubai.

Commercial License

Those businesses involved in the trading of goods are issued commercial licenses. Few business activities that fall under the commercial license are the trading of goods and commodities, exporting products, logistics, and more. Hiring Business Link to manage your application process ensures it goes through in a timely manner, with all necessary formalities and documents prepared accurately.

Tourism License

The UAE has made a name for itself by becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for travel. A tourism and leisure hub, the country attracts millions of tourists each year.  To manage the influx of the same, the DTCM and economic department brought about the tourism license in the UAE. For businesses dealing in the travel and tourism industry, such as travel agents, tour operators, hospitality industry, etc. A tourism license would be one you’re looking to obtain. Being in a country that thrives off the tourism sector, starting a company in the travel and tourism industry would be incredibly profitable.

Since there are a wide variety of activities that fall under this license, the experts at Business Link can help you understand the possible activities you can carry out with this license in hand.

Professional License

The professional license is a mandatory license issued to those individuals looking to engage in providing any type of service. Since this is a service-oriented license, it’s crucial for individuals to submit proof of expertise or some form of educational qualification to certify their knowledge in the field.

It’s important you hire the right business consultancy to assist you with this application as it required approvals from various government entities and authorities – Business Link boasts a well-connected staff who have key links within these establishments, ensuring a turnover time that is quick and efficient.

Industrial License

The Industrial license is issued to businesses that are involved in industry-related services such as manufacturing, converting natural resources or altering raw materials. The activities that are allowed under this license are typically ones that lead to production, segregating, accumulation, packaging, etc.  A key requirement to obtain or work with an industrial license is that a business must have a warehouse within the UAE.

Our professional business consultants ensure your application process going forward successfully, regardless of the business activity you’re looking to invest in.