How to Get a Manpower Supply License in UAE?

According to reports, approximately 20,000 new businesses are started in the United Arab Emirates every year. The digital transformation in Dubai is playing a huge role in driving investments and making it a business hub. Some of the most popular policies by the government such as zero-tax and incentives have played an important role in growth. People from all over the world are coming to Dubai to start their businesses.

Some of the most popular types of jobs in the UAE include maintenance, hospitality, tourism, and more. These jobs however require a lot of manpower. Therefore, starting a manpower supply business in the UAE can prove to be efficient and sustainable.

Benefits of starting a manpower supply business in UAE

Starting your manpower supply business in the UAE can prove to be extremely beneficial. However, to start this business, you will need to have a manpower supply license in UAE. The UAE Ministry of Labour is responsible for issuing this license.

A business license in the UAE is extremely crucial for starting a business. Furthermore, it also provides a legal edge that will help you conduct the business efficiently. The manpower supply license will help to manage your business while you supply manpower to other businesses and companies.

Manpower is growing in demand across the UAE. Furthermore, the recent changes in regulations have played an important role in helping businesses get a competitive edge. The recent visa regulations have allowed more foreign investors to become interested in the Dubai market. Entrepreneurs and job seekers from all over the world are also visiting Dubai to seek growth in business.

To get maximum benefits, you need to set up a manpower supply business in the UAE with a Trade License. One of the major benefits that you can get is by partnering with local companies. If you are new to the UAE market, it will be tough for you to understand how the business functions. Therefore, at Business Link UAE we can help you in managing your business.

To operate legally in the UAE, you need to have a business license. UAE helps to streamline your business activity and drive the requirements. Whether you opt for a freezone company setup or a mainland setup, the business license will allow you to regulate legally. However, if you don’t follow the government or legal proceedings, it can eventually be very tough for you to manage the business.

Steps to start the manpower supply business in Dubai

You need to apply for a manpower supply license in the UAE to start your business efficiently. It is crucial that you reach out to the respective authorities who can help to ease the process of setting up a business in Dubai.

Here are all the steps you need to follow to start a manpower supply business in UAE:

● Partner with the Trade License Zone

Partnering with the trade license zone will give you a competitive edge to stay ahead of others. Partnering with a local company will help you understand the local market better. Therefore, Business Link UAE can be one of your most potential choices.

Business Link UAE will work on managing all your business processes. Furthermore, they can also help you with the license and guide you about municipal trade regulations. Since we know the market and regulations, Business Link UAE will ensure that you follow them accurately to prevent any mishaps.

● Choose your business activity

You can’t set up a business in the UAE until and unless you’re familiar with the activity. The best part about Dubai is that it allows the use of the free zones innovatively which helps to ensure the security of the business. The UAE government has special tax zones that are economic in nature. These eventually provide the benefit of tax concessions and help to prevent any customs duty requirement.

However, if you want to start a business activity in UAE-free zones, you need to choose accordingly. Some of the activities that you can conduct in UAE free zones include trading, shopping, service, license to entrepreneurs, and more. The free zones are also home to support centers, world-class logistics, and more that will allow you easy access to business. As a result, you can provide manpower benefits to businesses that need it.

● Choose and register a business name

Business name is of utmost importance for conducting business in Dubai. You need to register the name of your business at the Registry Office. However, the UAE has very strict regulations for business names.

As per the regulations by Dubai, the name shouldn’t be anything blasphemous or offensive. Furthermore, the name shouldn’t have any references to Islam or Allah. If you want to register your business in Dubai within your name, you must use your full name and not your initials. Business Link UAE can help you understand if the name you’ve chosen is valid or not.

● Notarise your business documentation

Notarising your business documents is crucial. This step will only be applicable once the Registry Office provides approval for your name. Some of the documents that you must notarize include Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, and more. All these documents must be notarized with the Department of Economic Development.

If you don’t know how to fill these, Business Link UAE will assist you in the process of doing so. As professionals in the field, we are familiar with the entire market and can therefore help you establish the business in a proper manner.

● Submit the Manpower Supply License in UAE application

You must apply for the manpower supply license in UAE. However, once your initial business plan is ready, you must submit the documents carefully. Here are all the documents you must submit to receive your license:

  • Article of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Proof of ID and address
  • Copy of trade name
  • Passport Copies

Once you have entered the details, Business Link UAE can help to register the company with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Get the license

The Department of Economic Development is responsible for providing approval for the manpower supply license in UAE application. After receiving the approval, the Ministry of Labor will initiate the process of providing you with the business license.

Register the business’ employees

When you start a manpower supply business in the UAE, you need to register the employees as well. This offers a level of security. You will get the Establishment Card and Labor Card from the Ministry of Labor.

As a result, you will also need to register the employees of the organization with the Ministry of Labor. The last step for registration is that of the employees for the GAPSS: General Authority for Pension and Social Security.

For the time being, only UAE nationals will be eligible to apply for a manpower supply license within the UAE. The Ministry of Labour will provide you with approvals for everything. Furthermore, it is crucial that the applicant has a degree of graduation or high school degree. You will need to submit a particular fee for conducting the business efficiently.

Business Link UAE can help you in the entire process of starting your business in the UAE. Once you decide to start the manpower supply business, you need to apply for the license effectively. However, you need to follow the entire business setup plan so that you can conduct business freely in the UAE. You need to ensure that you submit all the accurate documents so that you can conduct business properly in this region.

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