How to setup company in Dubai Freezone?

One of the major reasons most business owners deny working or setting up a company in the UAE is a misconception. According to this myth, anyone setting up a company in UAE needs to have a UAE national as the partner who gets 51% shares. However, it is not so. With the coming in of Freezone companies, many things have eased, the major one being the business registration process. The foreigners can opt for setting up companies in Dubai Freezone with 100% ownership.

What is a free zone?

As the name goes, a free zone is basically a free trade zone with special tax-free status. Moreover, the trade barriers are kept minimal, and goods can be easily manufactured at an affordable rate. Import and export are also allowed in these areas. Very few countries have these free zones. These free trade zones are often near strategic geographical locations such as international airports, major seaports, and more. This helps to ease the trading processes, thereby maximizing the impact. The location of these free trade zones has an important role in increasing profit.

Freezone in UAE

As per the guidelines of UAE, there are several free zones around the Emirates to boost business activities. Most of these free zones are allocated for specific business purposes. There are around 44 free zones in the UAE. If you want to set up companies in Dubai Freezone, you need to know which business activity is regulated. Over the years, several Freezone companies have been set up in Dubai, contributing to GDP growth.

However, the free trade zones are different from each other in terms of rules and regulations. Nonetheless, the basic rule for free zone business setup in Dubai is the same throughout.

How to set up companies in Dubai Freezone?

Setting up companies in Dubai Freezone is not limited by the law. The free zones in the UAE fall out of the jurisdiction of the UAE government. One of the greatest benefits of setting up companies in the Dubai Freezone is that you get many growth opportunities. This plays an important role in bringing about more profit. However, setting up companies in Dubai Freezone isn’t difficult.

Know the legal entity

Before setting up companies in Dubai Freezone, you need to understand the legal entity you are setting up. This has a vital role in determining the capital you require for forming the company.

Have the trade name

Once you know the type of legal entity you’re setting, you need to have a proper trade name. Make sure to check with the officials if the name is available or already registered.

Apply for a business license

Apply for a business license to authorities. The type of business license you apply for will determine the kind of business you are setting up. It is advisable to submit all necessary documents with it.

Have an office space

The flex-desk office space is available for startups as per the free zone authorities. The customers are free to buy it or rent it. Whenever you opt for setting up companies in Dubai Freezone, it is advisable to submit all supporting documents with it.

Exclusive companies in free zone Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the most important entrepreneurial or business sectors in the UAE. With so many companies in Freezone Dubai, more and more people are planning to invest here. If you are a foreign investor, trying to set up your market in the UAE, you should consider investing in the UAE.

The UAE free zones are one of the most crucial sectors in the UAE as it allows ex-pats to conduct their businesses here easily. Foreign investors get exclusive advantages for setting up companies in Freezone Dubai. Foreign investors consider setting up their business in the UAE because of the various benefits. Over the years, we have helped in the development of several companies in Freezone Dubai. When working with Business Link UAE, you can be one of them too at an affordable rate.

If you want to set up your business in Dubai, we can help you set it up. We have been helping several businesses. At Business Link UAE, we can assist you with the following procedures

  • Getting a trade license
  • Opening bank account
  • Setting up the UAE Freezone company

What are the major companies in Dubai Freezone?

Are you hesitant about setting up a company in the Dubai free zone? Don’t we? Over the years, the UAE government has brought several changes to their rules and regulations thereby helping in setting up the businesses.

When you establish a company in Dubai Freezone, you get the opportunity to work across different sectors. One of the most common misconceptions about why people did not want to invest in Dubai is because of the lesser shares. However, it is not. Dubai has risen to be one of the most significant areas thereby providing several benefits.

Free Zones in Dubai

The already-established companies in Freezone Dubai have made significant profits and contributed to the country’s GDP growth too. When you establish companies in Freezone Dubai, it is extremely necessary to consider where you want to go.

As suggested above, Dubai is the hub of entrepreneurial activities. Hence, there are several sectors that you may want to consider. Moreover, Dubai is one of those cities in the UAE that has the maximum number of free zones thereby allowing easy regulation of businesses. Before proceeding with business setup in Dubai, it is extremely crucial to understand where you want to set up your business in Dubai.

Some of the major free zones in Dubai include the following

  • Dubai Design District Free Zone
  • Airport free zone
  • Knowledge Park free zone
  • Dubai Internet City Free Zone
  • Silicon Oasis Free Zone
  • Dubai South Free Zone
  • World Trade Centre Free Zone

Dubai has around 1600 free zones each catering to the needs of audiences. Most of these free zones are located in areas like ports or airports to regulate trade easily. Business Link UAE can help to set up companies in Freezone Dubai depending on your requirement. You can get in touch with us and we will ensure to get all your documentation process to be cleared too.