Free Zone Business Activities

Business owners have a profusion of activities to choose from when setting up in a freezone. However, it’s ideal to know which one to pick to stay close to market demand, explore investment opportunities and to analyze expansion potential.

Free zones encourage foreign investment and facilitate business activities, with its flexible and easy business setup options. The business activities permitted in each free zone vary depending on the zone’s focus and objectives. Some of the common activities you can choose from when setting up with Business Link, include:


Import, export, and re-export of goods.


Production, assembly, and packaging of products.


Consultancy, marketing, advertising, logistics, and legal services.


Development and distribution of software, website design and development, and e-commerce.

Media & Entertainment

Educational institutions, training centers, and professional development courses.

Research & Development

Scientific research, innovation, and development.

Hospitality & Tourism

Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and tour operators.

Music & Entertainment

Music production, recording, management, and music rights.


Manufacturing and the preparation of raw materials.

It is essential to note that the list of activities permitted in each free zone is subject to change and may vary based on the specific free zone’s regulations and policies.

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