Get Instant Business License in Dubai

In last few years, Dubai becomes a great hub for business and attracts outsiders to start up their new business, but at this time giving a business license with all requirements like lease agreement, physical office space, staff or more looks too much time-consuming.

None of the business owners have that much time that they can get their all government documents or other paperwork.

After seeing that, Economic department of Dubai stated that there is no need of lease agreement and office space to get their business license and instant business license in Dubai for business enterprises that are willing to start their business immediately in Dubai.

The instant license includes some legal forms which are Limited Liability Company, One Person L.C.C., Sole Proprietorship, and Civil Company. According to this business license, you can do business up to one year without any type of documentation.

This instant license allows you to take benefits of the Dubai market and explore freely.

Steps to get Instant Business license in Dubai

  • Visit a physical center or go online and login into DED e-services.
  • Fill the form for accruing the Business license.
  • Choose your most relative business activities from the list.
  • Add information about your business partners if any.
  • Describe your shares and total capital value.
  • Specify your partnership profit ratio, if you have partners.
  • Specify your business trade name, if you don’t have a trading name you will get an instant business no. which is automatically generated by the system
  • DED fee will process and maybe some other external charges too.
  • Make successful payment get an instant print of your license.

After getting your license, you are free to take part in business activities in Dubai. After 1 year you need to submit all required documents like your lease agreement, etc. As well as all the documents that need to be according to DED standard guidelines.

While getting an instant business license in Dubai with the help of Business Link UAE and you will be able to do any type of business individually.

In a very short time period Dubai becomes the hub of business industries and also government gives the best offers to new business startups. For more information about the process & procedures contact us at 00 971 556070118 or email us at