Is 2022 a Good Year to Invest in Real Estate Dubai?

Dubai is popular for its lavish lifestyle, iconic skyline, and much more. Over the years, it has grown as an investor’s hub. After the pandemic outbreak, Dubai underwent problems because of the unpredictable market condition but emerged like a phoenix. Subsequently bringing constant economic and social reforms that make it an attraction for various investment opportunities.

If you want to setup a new business or invest in real estate Dubai, ensure to keep up with the decisions and rules. Also, known as the city of gold, since 2020, it has witnessed a 73.7% of growth in investments and 65.6% of growth in the number of investors in the real estate sector. The flexible market of Dubai has been attracting investors globally.

Why should you invest in Dubai real estate?

In today’s time, Dubai is one of the most prominent Emirates. Apart from the locals, the expats settling in Dubai make it an interesting place for investment. The constantly growing Dubai real estate market is fetching business and revenue.

Some of the areas for real estate investment in Dubai include Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, and Downtown Dubai. Space in these areas is available at affordable rates and can help you get profitable paybacks. Professionals at Dubai make an investment in Dubai real estate easier with their market analysis

Some of the common reasons to invest in real estate Dubai are:

1.   Dubai is a fast-growing economy

Dubai is one of the most prominently growing economies around the world. It has a business-friendly environment that helps to maintain stability.

Considering the rise in the economy of Dubai, it can be an ideal destination for investment. Therefore, investing in real estate properties can help to generate a better return on investments.

2.   Population growth

Dubai is a major cosmopolitan city. People from all over the world come and settle in this place for business and career opportunities. The population of Dubai is constantly growing along with real estate investment opportunities.

The current population of Dubai stands at around 3.5 million. It is expected in the coming 20 years Dubai’s population will double up with the Urban Master Plan 2040. Despite the outbreak, the population has decreased by 8.4% and will bounce back.

Nonetheless, the population is growing massively because of the expat settlement. With investors flocking to the city, it is quite profitable to invest here.

3.   Apartments to villas

If you are willing to invest in real estate, you must consider investing in villas and apartments. The villas and apartments are in high demand in the Dubai market.

Dubai is an ideal place for investors having different budgets. Apart from luxurious properties, there are pretty much affordable apartments as well in Dubai.

4.   Development and Innovation

Dubai is also called the City of Innovation. Well, there is a reason for it. Dubai has noticed tremendous growth in the past few years. All of this has been possible because of its state-of-the-art facility.

Dubai is the hub for business growth. It is helping to foster an innovative ecosystem. The Icealice in Dubai is one of the prime examples of its technological environment. Humanoid robots serve ice cream to customers at Icealice.

The Festival City Mall in Dubai is also popular for its robotics, fintech, and AI. It is offering constant support for innovation in Dubai. Dubai has a very sustainable vision of the future that also brings economic stability. Therefore, the innovation in Dubai is helping to make a hassle-free environment. If you invest in real estate Dubai, you can find a wide range of opportunities in this region.

5.   Safety and Security

Dubai is a very safe place to live in. It is attracting investors and expats from all over the world. Dubai is also hailed to be one of the safest cities to live in. They had managed the Covid-19 outbreak very gracefully as well.

The low crime rate and the strong legal system make Dubai a safe place to live in. Considering the strong security measures, Dubai may be an efficient place to invest in. It is helping to garner the interest of the investors. In all the MENA region, Dubai has become a regulated and transparent property. Therefore, investors can be assured that their investments in this region are pretty secure.

Compared to the major 25 global cities, the real estate sector in Dubai is at the lowest risk of a price bubble. According to the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index Dubai real estate is an undervalued market.

6.   Higher return on investment

If you want to open a real estate company in Dubai, you can expect a higher return on investment. Compared to London and New York, the ROI on real estate investment in Dubai is higher.

Since there are no property taxes, you can get a better return on investment. As an investor, you can expect returns up to 6% in major neighborhoods of Dubai.

Currently, the prices of Dubai properties are pretty high. Therefore, the investors can enjoy a significant amount of gain. Therefore, investing and reinvesting can be a good scheme to make significant profits in the real estate market of Dubai.

7.   Investor-friendly policies

One of the best benefits to invest in real estate Dubai is that you can get investor-friendly policies. You will receive a resident visa depending on your property investment in Dubai. As a foreign investor, you need to hold the minimum investment requirement.

As a non-UAE citizen, you may not be allowed to own the property completely in Dubai. You need to have a local partner who can help you. Moreover, you also need consultants who can help you in the process. Business Link UAE can provide you with proper consultation on how to invest. Therefore, considering the huge surge in construction, investors from all over the place are being attracted to Dubai.

The metropolis of Dubai has seen massive changes over the years. The investment opportunities and friendly policies are attracting investors from all over the world. Dubai is growing rapidly because of its innovative planning, sustainable living, and world-class infrastructure. If you want to invest in real estate Dubai, BusinessLink can help you with the best. The property market is mature and stabilized in Dubai. Therefore, this is the perfect time to make investments for growth.