Real Estate Broker License – How & Where to get it in UAE?

Real Estate Broker License in UAE

Cross-border business opportunities are getting rare these days. But then, there are regions that still manage to offer a favorable combination of circumstances, rules, and laws for a flourishing enterprise. Dubai is one such example that offers a fertile ground for a myriad of businesses in general and real estate in particular.

Unlike many countries stuck in red-tapism and government censures, this bustling emirate offers a refreshingly different scenario for businessmen. No wonder then it has been tag as one of the best places to set up a business.

Mentioned below are some of the advantages.

  • Ease of documentation and transparency.
  • A spectrum of people from across the world work in this country. This global reservoir of workers gives it a cosmopolitan edge and therefore governance and communication are effortless.
  • Multiple Business Habitats– While the free zone offers 100% ownership, and also rewards businesses with concessional personal tax, the mainland option requires a UAE local partner.
  • Fraud-free business ethos and strict anti-money laundering rules make sure businesses turn into profitable ventures. Also, fulfill their social and moral obligations.
  • Flexible labor policy– Businesses can hire help from across the world.

Although the list of documents required and stringent verification might appear overwhelming to aspiring businessmen. The fact is real estate broker license can be fetched with great ease provided the paperwork is in order. There are many reasons for this comfort – zero corruption, amazing inter-departmental communication, and seamless integration of submitted documents.

While the DED or Dubai Economic Department issues license to the sole owner of the business, Real Estate Regulatory Agency grants RERA broker license in UAE. So, a real estate sole establishment or the brokerage firm should essentially register with DED and RERA. Mentioned below are the steps in getting the real estate broker license in Dubai.


  • Once the trade name is selected, it then needs to be mentioned while applying through the DED website.
  • The next step is to provide relevant documents such as passport copies of the sole owner, attested academic certificates/diplomas or degrees, and stipulated fees.
  • The business entity then needs to undertake the RERA test/examination.
  • While waiting for the outcome, the next typical step would be to sign a tenancy contract.
  • When the license from DED has received an Ejari copy ( Lease contract ) along with RERA fees and other documents needs to submit
  • RERA for a registration certificate.
  • Finally, the entity needs to register with MOL or the Ministry of Labour.

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