How to get 5 years residence visa in Dubai?

Different countries have different standards of living. The higher the quotient greater is the craze to migrate to such places. Dubai is one such country that attracts world citizens for its impressive lifestyle. Nonetheless, resettling is a tough call due to strict immigration laws. However, Dubai has come up with an innovative scheme to attract investment and at the same time fulfill the dream of thousands of folks from across the globe to settle down in this bustling emirate. Residence Visa in Dubai something with which you can fulfill all your business setup or residency purpose.

So, what is this scheme?

The answer is a property investor visa. Yes, a person who invests in residential property in Dubai is eligible for a residency visa. It is a direct ticket to the enchanting city. Read on to know how to get a 5 years visa in Dubai. 

Dubai Visa Requirements


Good news for retired ex-pats and who want to live in UAE. Now get 5 years residence visa in Dubai, if he/she fulfills the below-mentioned conditions:


  • Minimum 2 million worth of property (more than one property also will accept) under the applicant’s name.
  • In case the property is a mortgage, at least 2 million of property value must be paid to the bank. NOC letter in Arabic along with mentioning the amount paid from the mortgage will require to proceed with the visa application.
  •  The person must be inside UAE.
  • Husband and Wife can participate in one property(marriage certificate required).

Steps of Procedure

  • Medical fitness test
  • Hold the family visa / Cancel the family visa
  • Cancel the visa for the applicant
  • Visa Stamping (For 5 Years)
  • Emirates ID (For 5 Years)
  • Un-hold a visa for family


  • Title deed
  • Passport
  • Old Emirates ID
  • Photograph
  • Health insurance

Property Investors

If you invest in a property in the UAE worth at least 2 million AED, you can acquire a Residence Visa in Dubai. He/She must meet the following terms for the visa:

  • They must hold onto the property for at least three years.
  • You must not purchase the property in the form of a loan.


If you have a project with approval from a UAE-based business incubator or an already-existing idea with at least 500,000 AED in the capital. The long-term visa for entrepreneurs includes:

  • Three executives
  • A partner
  • Spouse and children
  • Entrepreneurs can also apply for a six-month multiple-entry visa that you can renew for another six months.

Outstanding Students

You can qualify as an outstanding student at either the secondary or university levels if you meet these criteria:

  • If you are a secondary student at either a state or private secondary school with an average of at least 95
  • If you are a university student either in the UAE or abroad with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.75 (on the 4.0 scale) upon graduation.

Note: It subject to Government Approval.

So if you fulfill any of these requirements, then you are eligible for  Getting 5 Years Residence Visa in UAE. Also, our team of experts will assist you to apply for it and get this residence visa in Dubai as well as other emirates without any difficulties.

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