RERA Certified Local Sponsor – Real Estate Business Startup in Dubai

Dubai is once again on the threshold of real estate euphoria. The resonance can be felt everywhere. And the trigger this time is the 2020 Exposition. To welcome millions of tourists and new business entities Dubai has shifted into top gear; building new roads, bridges, hotels, and office blocks. In fact, people from across the globe have started moving in, building infrastructure, and are ready to transact business in one of the most awaited commercial extravaganzas.

Now is the time to set up any kind of Real Estate Company in this emirate. Business Link UAE Consultancy, one of the oldest and most renowned law firms can help you establish this business which includes license and land department approval.  It provides all the necessary services and approvals which allows new business entities to deal in a gamut of real estate activities such as :

1. Leasing or renting properties.
2. Buying or selling properties.
3. Other property deals of miscellaneous kinds.

Business Link UAE Consultancy will also provide a local sponsor for real estate business setup in Dubai which incidentally is mandatory as per the law. However, this entity has to be RERA certified local sponsor in Dubai – an entity that has knowledge of real estate laws and regulations.

What is a RERA, Certified Local Sponsor?

A certified local sponsor for real estate business is an entity that possesses a RERA certificate. It simply means this individual has passed exams and therefore knows about the laws and regulations that govern this industry. Remember, a local sponsor for real estate business setup is crucial and compulsory. Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, Business Link UAE Consultancy also provides help in the following areas.

1. Find an educated local sponsor with RERA certificate.
2. Local sponsor for real estate in Dubai who is willing and co-operative.
3. Approval from DED and other associated agencies.

The real estate story of Dubai doesn’t end here. Even after the exposition ends the resurgence will continue because the government has decided to redevelop “District 2020” after the Expo ends, and reopen the same for newer business strategies and opportunities. What does this mean for real estate companies?  Their businesses will continue to flourish long after the historic event ends.

Business Link UAE Consultancy is your span to setup a real estate company in Dubai. It offers a plethora of pre and post setup services such as free consultation, competitive pricing, amazing response and absolutely legal and error-free processing of the application.

Yet another hallmark of this consultancy firm is its unimpeachable database of selective RERA certified local sponsor for real estate business in Dubai. It translates into quick setup and sponsorship that lasts for a long time.