How to Setup a Yoga Studio in Dubai?

Yoga Studio in Dubai

Yoga Studios in Dubai are gaining an immense amount of popularity. This can be duly credited to the physical and spiritual benefits it brings forth within those who practice it. You have come to the right place if you are keen on setting up your yoga studio in the country.

Yoga consists of a range of physical, mental, and spiritual practices, that aim to control and still the mind. It is practiced not only for its physical benefits but also for the spiritual and mental peace it brings. Since an increasing number of people have been attracted to the ancient exercise that targets the body, mind, and soul – yoga studios have surely gone up in number.

Having evolved in India, the ancient art of yoga has now reached many. With this being well-establish, a yoga studio in Dubai would be a profitable venture to set up.

Why set up a Yoga Studio in Dubai?

While the physical benefits of yoga are endless and known to us all – there are also perks of having a yoga studio based in Dubai.

  • Firstly, the government of Dubai offers much to businesses that contribute to the health industry. This range can range from financial support to relief provided in different ways.
  • Many in Dubai are looking to switch to a relatively healthy lifestyle and thus, are interested in activities such as yoga. This ensures your business will be well-run.
  • Since a yoga studio can only be opened on the Mainland, you can open multiple branches across the UAE for the same.

Sounds Tempting? Here’s How you can Set up Your Studio!

  • Select a name

Every business needs something to identify itself with. For your business name, it is vital to keep some pointers in mind:

    • Your business name must not disrespect any religion
    • It must not be offensive to any group of people
    • There should not be any abbreviations in your business name

Yoga Studio in Dubai

  • Finalize a legal structure

As one of the first and most important steps in the process – you must pick a legal entity type that is most appropriate for your business. You could choose to set up a sole proprietorship, or a civil company. However, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the safest, and most sought-after option for many entrepreneurs. LLCs safeguard the shares of entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs are liable for in an LLC is the amount that they invested into their business.

  • Choose a jurisdiction

The Mainland jurisdiction is the best to house your business in. With a yoga studio in the Dubai Mainland, you have the flexibility to expand your business and open multiple branches across the country – a feature that is not feasible in the Free Zone.

  • Find a location

It’s a given that your yoga studio will need physical premises to operate from. An office address is a prerequisite to obtaining a business license. You need to finalize where you will be offering your services prior to submitting your documents.

A helpful tip in this regard would be to opt for a studio in a locality where a business of this sort may prosper and flourish further.

  • Submit your documents for approval

Once you have sorted the above, you may proceed with the submission of your documents to obtain your business license. The paperwork you need to submit for the processing of your business license is:

  • Completed application form
  • Applicant’s degree/Diploma or other certificates to show expertise
  • Applicant’s passport copy
  • Evidence of fee payment
  • ..and more

Once you have your license sorted from the Department of Economic Development, you may start your yoga studio!

Yoga Studio in Dubai

Things to keep in mind

Additional approvals

For those looking to open a yoga studio in Dubai, it is necessary to obtain additional approvals for your business from the Youth and Sports Welfare Department. Along with this, you need to seek approval from the Ministry of Public Health as well.

Choose an appropriate location

Since Yoga Studios are quickly gaining popularity, you need to ensure you conduct research into what the right locality is for your studio. Consider those who reside nearby, what the existing competition is like, and whether your studio is easily accessible.

Quality of services provided

Again, given the popularity and competition that already exists within the country, you need to offer the quality that sets your company apart from the rest. You can achieve this by conducting your research on what the market offerings are.

Setting up a yoga studio may seem like plenty of work given the additional approvals and documents however, it is anything but that. With the right set of business consultants in Dubai, you can establish your yoga studio seamlessly!