Free Workspace with 2 year Visa Expo 2020 Dubai After March 2022

Expo 2020 Dubai-Free Workspace and 2 year Visa after March 2022

It’s an exciting opportunity to avail free workspace and a 2-year visa after March 2022. Dubai always finds excellent strategies and mega projects to welcome entrepreneurs from UAE and overseas. Dubai District 2020 is one-of-a-kind focused on providing free workspace plus a two-year visa after the end of Dubai Expo 2020. The mega project, Dubai District 2020, will serve as a residential and business center and a legacy to the previous project. With the introduction of District 2020, the UAE government will bring together global minds and an innovative business ecosystem by leveraging technology and digital innovation to support industry growth.

The objective of the Project Dubai District 2020 

The Dubai District 2020 aimed to retain 80% of the environment from Dubai Expo 2020 and convert Dubai into a tech-driven sustainable city.  

According to Nadimeh Mehra, the project’s vice-president, the project has two purposes: Firstly, the government visions to redefine the legacy achieved in Dubai Expo 2020 and maximize everything that has already been built. The second goal is the creation of an innovative ecosystem that is unique and distinguishes them from other mega projects that have held similar events in the past.

Work-Life Post Expo 2020 Dubai 

The Dubai District 2020 project is a market-driven approach introduced by the UAE government with an objective to transform the megacity’s workplace, technology, and infrastructure. The government of UAE allows 100 Ownership and free workspace offering; the project encourages a greater number of native and foreign investors to set up their businesses in Dubai. An estimation says that about 145,000 people will visit, live and work at the hub over the next 25 years. It will be home to a broad and divergent community searching for a more balanced way of life, a place that promotes new ideas, embraces growth and enables potential human opportunities.

Invitation to Entrepreneurs 

Dubai has an increased number of opened opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. If you have a superb innovative idea, it’s the best time to take advantage of Dubai District 2020 and set up a business in the world’s most iconic city. Enroll in Scale2Dubai program based in Dubai District 2020, a program initiated to invite entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups to their business in the international market. The Scale2Dubai program will seek collaboration from a government organization, fortune companies, and MNCs. 

Requirements for starting a business depend on the nature and objective of your business. However, the proper documentation, a business license, a visa and, a bank account, to name a few, are prerequisites for any type of business. We recommend conducting your research before and reading all the terms carefully when you opt to register your business.  

How Can I Register my Business?

The Scale2Dubai program is currently accepting proposals through the official District 2020 website. Start-ups and business owners can register their business as the first step. The selected applicants will move into their workspaces at District 2020 shortly after Expo 2020 closes, when Dubai District 2020 finally opens up in October 2022. 

Starting alarmed about all the updates may seem like a challenge, especially if you’re new to the business. No worries, you’re not alone. Most busy entrepreneurs like you hire a consulting agency to set up their business and take care of it. On hiring a consultant, you get detailed information on the cost of business set up, the most suitable area to set up a business, the right kind of business which will thrive most, and help with licensing. Besides, you’ll also get help to acquire a visa and work permits if required.  

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