Best Business Opportunities to Implement in Dubai for EXPO 2021

Dubai EXPO 2021 has become identical with exciting exhibitions and business opportunities, and breathtaking growth for the host country. Riding on this euphoria, the authorities are expected to spend more than Thirty Dirham Billion on new infrastructure projects to meet the demands of twenty-five million visitors. This will open to rising best business opportunities to implement in Dubai at EXPO 2021.

The Expo 2021 will serve as a platform for investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, academicians, and tourists to experience the newest advancements beyond the world in the field of technology, transportation, communication, etc., all under one roof.

Dubai is racing ahead in terms of planning and development. Even now, its ongoing projects are offering several fruitful business opportunities in various sectors. It is working with a variety of private enterprises to set up hotels and build roads, highways, and EXPO sites. Enterprising firms/individuals can quickly become a part of this development community and reap the fruits of a growing economy. The EXPO is going to add 1.5% to Dubai’s GDP over a 6-year timeline (2014 – 2020).

Small business opportunities for Dubai EXPO 2021 will arise in three distinct phases: before, during, and post EXPO. Furthermore, our team of Dubai business setup experts will assist entrepreneurs who want to start their individual businesses in the UAE.

Business Opportunity for Pre EXPO 2021 –

One of the renowned international economic agencies predicts that nearly three hundred thousand new jobs are being created by the time the EXPO opens up for the world, with nine-tenths of the job roles being created within the last three years. This simply means enhanced business opportunities to implement in Dubai, UAE during the following business areas.

• Skilled and unskilled labor – It will have a cascading effect on the job market, and human resource business opportunities will rise in tandem.

• Demand for residential space, hotel accommodation, and office blocks – The construction business will see a quantum jump in growth. The demand will also see many new entrants in this sector.

• Support businesses like travel agents, legal advisors, and law firms such as business consultants for company formation in Dubai, and medical practitioners/hospitals will continue to be in demand.

Business Opportunity During EXPO 2021 –

Some of the companies that will grow exponentially and create richer opportunities during the EXPO are mentioned below:

  • Printing & Packaging
  • Media & Advertising
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Travel Agents

Business Opportunity for Post EXPO 2021 –

Although post EXPO the demand within most sectors will see a sharp decline. It will nevertheless continue to feed Dubai’s economic belly with several new projects signed during the exposition.

Human resource services – Human resource sector will continue its dominance. Also, rise further as many visiting companies/enterprises will stay back and initiate their business operations.

Construction – The long-term infrastructure projects will provide that spike as Dubai will create additional metros, roads, and power plants. It also includes reclaiming large barren lands for increased business activities.

Energy & Water – The demand for energy and water will rise because of the economic growth and so will the business opportunities associated with it.

So, start a company in Dubai and become a part of the success story. Business Link UAE, a business setup consultant in Dubai can help you fetch the requisite permits and permissions to set up your venture in Dubai, the host for EXPO 2021. We also offer services such as company formation in Dubai mainland as well as business setup in free zones.