Dubai Freelance Work Permit and Visa: How to Get and Why?

UAE is a booming country with a continually evolving economy. The opportunities to make money through your skills and arts are innumerable. If you have the right connections and play by the rules. Freedom from having to work under stern employers to be able to manage one’s own work. Finance is a couple of key factors that aspire talented professionals towards freelancing. It is more inspirational for women as they get to be their own bosses and can make full use of their potential without having to stress over the dilemma of managing work and family. Before you jump into the freelance business bandwagon. Here are five questions that will guide you in getting clarity about the rules and regulations. The procedures involved in acquiring a freelance work permit and Visa in Dubai.

What is Freelance Permit in UAE?

A person working for oneself without being a part of any organization is called a freelancer. This is completely permitted in UAE if you hold all the legal requisites for it. Technically what you do is you establish yourself as a company doing business in your own name. In the future, you might even be able to upgrade to a proper start-up company if you turn out to be successful in your trade. A freelance work permit in Dubai is the legal document that gives you permission to start up as a freelancer in UAE.

Who are eligible for a freelance business license in Dubai?

Anybody wishing to start their own is free to do so, however, there are certain rules and guidelines to follow. If you already hold a permeant job in the country. You will need to avail of a part-time work permit from the Ministry of Labor and NOC from the employer. NOCs will also be required from sponsors if you are currently in UAE under spouse/parent or any type of UAE employment visa to apply for the license.

What are the procedures in the application for a freelance work permit and Visa in Dubai?

You can either choose to apply through the DED or make use of all the free zones in the country. Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, and Fujairah Creative City offer freelance permits. That will give license to work in your birth-name, shared office space, and PO Box in UAE. We also assist with freelance license in Abu Dhabi

Documents required for getting a freelance work permit and visa in Dubai

Do you have at hand all the necessary forms and applications? Following are the documents that you will have to have for processing freelance work permit:

  • Application form
  • Passport Copy with your visa and NOCs from sponsors or employers in any
  • Reference letters from previous employers testifying your skills, portfolio of your work, and model business plan
  • CV and other qualification certificates
  • Reference letter from the bank (If Required: Not mediatory for all)
  • Educational certificate (For education sector only)

How can you ensure success in the application process?

Running a business and going through all the steps to avail a Dubai Freelance visa can be overwhelming when you don’t have any professional help. A legal consultancy company like us Business Link UAE stands by its clients all the way from the time client contact us to the moment they get their freelance work permit & visa finally. We are available any time to guide them through all the legal processes and thereby enabling them to focus on improving their plans for the business in UAE. We also cater to clients who are interested in company formation in Dubai Mainland, Free Zones as well as in any other emirates.

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