Set Up a Business in Dubai Tourism Industry

Business setup in Dubai tourism industry is a no-brainer. A world tourist hub, luxury destination, shopping capital of the middle east, the land of the tallest building in the world, and human-made islands, Dubai is one of the most visited places on earth. With the increasing number of tourists, visitors, expats, and more, Dubai’s tourism is soaring and touching new highs. Then, what could be better than to set up a business in Dubai tourism industry? Well, nothing else could be.

About 15.92 million visitors visited Dubai in 2018. Also, about 8.36 million already visited in the period from January to June 2019, and the number is expected to reach 20 million in 2020 with an on-set of events of Expo 2020 as reported by Khaleej Times and

So, for you to get started with the never-failing business in Dubai and at the best time for Expo 2020, we are here with a quick guide on the Dubai tourism industry and how can you start a business there.

How to Set Up a Tourism Business in Dubai

Tourism business set up is similar to other business set up in Dubai. You can set up a company in the mainland, offshore, or in a free zone through the process. However, you need to obtain a license for your particular tourism activity. The types of permits offered are:

  1. Travel agency license
  2. Travel company license
  3. Inbound travel operator
  4. Outbound travel operator

You can set up as a company, as an agency, travel consultancy or tour operator. You can also operate as an inbound travel operator to entertain tourists from foreign countries or serve as an outbound travel operator to help residents travel abroad. Apart from these, you can opt for mainland company formation in Dubai, free zone company formation in Dubai or offshore company formation in Dubai.

After obtaining a license, you can further comply with the process of business setup involving paying of fees and deposits, presenting the required documents, certificates, NOCs obtaining approvals, acquiring office space, local sponsorship if needed, and more.

Dubai has a set of rules and processes to be followed to start a company, business, and more but not specifically stringent. Careful compliance with the laws and regulations will get you through the process smoothly, and after that, you have a place to flourish far and beyond.

What else will you need?

Along with being a business enthusiast, you will also need other things apart from license and approvals for your business setup. The main will be business setup consultants in Dubai who will guide you before, though, and after the process. Documentation, legal formalities, government approvals will be needed, but the most important one is guidance and advice. One in the industry, who knows the process, and who is well aware of it, will be able to make things quick and smooth for you in the most effective way. Therefore, always keep an emphasis on appointing one right when you plan.

Rewards of setting up a business in Dubai travel industry

The Dubai government highly promotes tourism, and this brings many business perks to your business setup. Apart from having a business in the most visited city with a market, network, infrastructure, and more, company formation in Dubai offers the following rewards:

  • International exposure
  • Opportunity to expand
  • Land of expants
  • Repatriation of the capital invested
  • Return of profit earned
  • Tax exemptions
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Abundant business opportunities, and more

The culmination:

Dubai is a land of possibilities for a person who is ambitious for business. It is an ideal place to start, grow, and eventually flourish along with the world’s pace, and the tourism business in Dubai is a sure shot plan. For business setup in Dubai, all you need is to gather a great business plan, work on it, roll your sleeves, and get into the process and emerge victorious with your business striving. And, for the whole process, Business Link UAE, would love to assist you as your friend, advisors, and help.