What’s the Cost of Business Setup in Ajman?

The business configuration in Ajman offers several benefits and incentives for local and foreign investors. Small business set up in Ajman

Excellent logistics facilities, world-class infrastructure, tax incentives, and a flexible legal framework are just some of the advantages of establishing a business in the Emirate.

All this combined with a proximity to Dubai and Sharjah, easy access to international ports and airports. Ajman offers entrepreneurs, SMEs, and conglomerates a center that supports highly lucrative investments.

If you are considering the creation or expansion of business in Ajman, the proactive business specialists of Business Link UAE can be very useful for you.

We offer a variety of business configuration solutions at competitive prices.

Our business configuration team can sit down and discuss with you the specific needs of your company.

After determining the necessary requirements to establish your business in Ajman, we will create a registration and incorporation plan that covers all aspects, including the processing of your license and the review and presentation of legal documentation.

Types of licenses and commercial permits

Commercial license:

For service providers that carry out commercial activities inside and/or outside the region.

A company can include three related activities in a commercial license issued by regulatory agencies;

Professional license:

Required by those who plan to provide PRO services, p. marketing, and management consulting companies

Electronic commerce license:

For individuals or companies that venture into electronic commerce;

Industrial commerce license:

Issued to companies that alter raw materials or convert national resources. The alternation may be in the appearance or structure of materials and resources with the aim of manufacturing or producing new products.

The license forces the organization to maintain a physical warehouse within the emirate.

National industrial license:

Issued to a company registered in the Emirate but operating in the free trade zone and registered with UAE citizens. Who own the majority of the company’s shares.

Companies that receive national industrial trade licenses benefit from duty-free exports to all Arab states.

In addition, our renowned team of experts can adapt our business setup service to help you with any or all the following:

Trademark and trademark registration:

The brand is undoubtedly essential for all types of companies. It can be a local or national registry, the process is complex and time-consuming, but our experts will make it possible to ensure that your intellectual property is protected.

PRO Services:

Government approvals, amendments, license renewals and visa processing are covered with our comprehensive commercial configuration solutions;

Offices with services:

From packages with competitive prices to offices with high-end services, we will help you ensure that your commercial facilities are designed to meet your specific business needs and requirements;

Accounting and bookkeeping:

our experts can also keep track of your company’s financial records while maintaining high standards in preparing your company’s financial framework;

Tax services:

our tax specialists will ensure that your company complies with taxes. With Business Link UAE, the sending of your returns, the reimbursement of the income tax, and/or the VAT registration are done in a precise and timely manner.

When it comes to crucial issues related to the formation of the company, you will find at hand the experience of our business specialists, especially in the management of the bureaucracy associated with the business configuration in Ajman.

You can expect to receive a business setup plan that includes strategies for a smooth registration or incorporation process, location and licensing options, details of possible costs, solutions to possible company training obstacles, and assistance in obtaining the approvals of specialized departments if required.

Our qualified professionals believe in establishing a solid business association and an alliance with customers.

It is our desire to remain a reliable provider of enterprise configuration solutions by providing an efficient, cost-effective, and personalized service.

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