UAE’s Newly Introduced Visas Scheme

Dubai – A tweet by the UAE government stated that the country will implement a scheme to simplify 10 different UAE visas to support the country’s ambitions towards increasing tourism and boosting the educational and economic sectors. The new visa rules in UAE have been in effect since October 3, 2022. 

The scheme was introduced by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security. It aims to provide more flexibility and opportunities to investors, entrepreneurs, and families and welcome them to the UAE. 

Below are the updated rules for each visa type: 

New Visit Visa:

The rule states that a visit visa in the UAE will now be valid for 60 days (2 months). This is an increase from the previous 30 days (1 month). The new scheme aims to provide tourists and investors with more options. Under the same category, a sub-category visa will also roll out: 

Multiple-entry Visa: 

This allows visitors in the UAE to stay in the country for up to 90 days. The multiple-entry visa holds a five-year validity. 

Having a bank balance of $4,000 throughout the six months prior to submitting your visa application is a prerequisite for this visa. It’s important to know that the balance need not be in dollars. It is adequate to use the foreign currency equivalent. This visa doesn’t need a sponsor. Once approved, you are permitted to stay in the UAE for 90 days straight. Note that your stay cannot exceed 180 days in the UAE. 

Golden Visa: 

The Golden visa has been a great introduction for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals, however, it’s only getting better with the new changes. Investors in both the public and private sectors, e.g. real estate are also eligible to apply. In addition, the rules have made it easy for individuals with exceptional talents in sport, art, and culture and scientists and innovators to apply for and receive a UAE golden visa

new visa rules in uae

Green Visa:

The five-year UAE green visa is a residency permit, in which the holder of the visa is eligible for multiple privileges for family members as well as the freedom to sponsor oneself for five years without the necessity for corporate sponsorship. Along with the new visa rules in UAE, this one is a masterstroke for current UAE residents and foreigners willing to settle in the country. 

UAE citizens who fall into one of three categories may apply for a green visa:

  • Self-employed individuals or freelancers 
  • Investors in or co-owners of firms
  • Highly qualified personnel

Job Exploration Visa: 

A new visa in the UAE has been added to the system: the job exploration visa. This visa intends to draw talented persons and qualified workers, who will have the opportunity to visit the UAE and investigate the jobs market.

This visa appeals to people looking for employment opportunities in the UAE because it does not require a sponsor or host. For those interested in researching potential investment opportunities or looking for a business setup in Dubai, the exploration visa is also available. 

According to the new model, some new visas in UAE, like the two-year real estate owner visa and the one-year remote worker visa, do not require sponsors and can be extended for the same period of time as when the visa was first issued. 

Other updates that have been introduced are as follows:

Family Sponsorship 

Families will benefit more through the new scheme. Parents can now sponsor their sons up until the age of 25 (which was 18 before). Additionally, at any age and for as long as they like, parents can sponsor their unmarried daughters. Furthermore, children with disabilities can now receive a residence permit regardless of their age.

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