UAE Golden Visa Requirements – FAQs Answered

The Golden Visa in UAE is an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs and professional businesses to invest and build new business setup in Dubai and the UAE. Whether you are a UAE citizen or a foreign national, if you are looking to obtain a Golden Visa in Dubai, invest in real estate, or even start a startup can help fulfill the requirements of a UAE Golden Visa.

What Is The Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa facilitates residency for foreign nationals in the UAE. This allows them to live, work and study in the UAE for ten years and enjoy the ease and comfort the UAE life provides.

However, this visa is reserved for individuals working, studying, and investing in critical sectors. You will learn about these below.

Who Is Eligible To Get The Golden Visa?

As previously mentioned, only individuals with specific skills and talents and set categories can avail of the Golden Visa. The categories are as follows.

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Humanitarian Pioneers
  • Exceptional Talents
  • Outstanding Students and University Graduates
  • Scientists and Professionals
  • Frontline Workers

Category-wise Requirements


  • Public investment
  • Real estate (property) investment
  • Posses a property worth more than AED 2 million.
  • According to the latest changes, investors have the right to the Golden Residence when they make loans from designated regional banks when buying property

UAE Golden Visa


– Should own a successful startup

– Have a startup idea that the Ministry improves

– Could be a founder/owner of a successful startup with operations either inside or outside the UAE

Humanitarian Pioneers

  • Notable contributors in public benefit organizations
  • Influential executives of regional and global organizations
  • Those who have won honors in the humanitarian sector
  • Volunteers in the humanitarian sector

Exceptional Talents

  • Culture & Art
  • Digital Technology (AI)
  • Inventors
  • Innovators
  • Sports
  • Other essential fields

Outstanding Students

  • Best-performing secondary school students

University Graduates

  • Students should have a GPA of more than 3.0
  • Best university graduates from UAE colleges and universities
  • Any student who has graduated from the top 100 universities globally

Scientists & Professionals

  • Science professionals
  • Engineering professionals
  • Health professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Information Technology professionals
  • Business professionals
  • Administration professionals
  • Legal, social, and cultural professionals
  • Chief Executive Officers and Senior Officials

Further requirements for applicants in the professionals’ category:

  • Must have a UAE work visa.
  • The job should be classified at the first or second occupational level per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation classification.
  • A bachelor’s degree or above is required.
  • Applicants must make at least $8,167 (AED 30,000) per month to be eligible.

Frontline Workers

Workers who have put effort into global crises like COVID-19.

UAE Golden Visa

Why do you need a Business consultant to apply for a Golden Visa?

A professional business setup consultancy like Business Link can give you an in-depth understanding of the requirements for a Golden visa. A business expert can guide you in the right direction with all the information required to acquire a Golden Visa. They can also take care of your documentation processes and additional legalities.

How much time does it take to get a visa?

The processing time for the UAE Golden Visa is roughly 48 hours once all essential documents are submitted. If you have requested a nomination, your visa will take up to two months to be issued.

Can you work as a golden visa holder?

Yes, according to the laws, you can be employed for work as a Golden Visa holder in the UAE.

Can you sponsor family members with a visa?

Yes, you can sponsor your family with a Golden Visa. Spouses and children of any age are welcome.

The visa also allows you to sponsor an unlimited number of domestic help

Note that the standard rules of sponsorship will apply.

Benefits of the Golden Visa

The following are some of the advantages of the Golden Visa in the UAE:

  • A visa with numerous entries, valid for six months
  • A renewable visa, valid for ten years
  • A self-sponsored visa
  • You won’t lose your residency even if you stay outside of UAE for more than six months
  • Sponsoring family members
  • Sponsoring an unlimited number of domestic helpers
  • Permitting family members to remain in the UAE until the end of their visa period