Things to Consider Before Renting a Commercial Space in Dubai

Being an entrepreneur is a bold yet challenging game to be in, where you need to be proactive at all times. Finding the best location for commercial business setup and controlling business activities is an important step for any entrepreneur. Renting a commercial space in Dubai is one of the many hurdles to starting a business here. 

The average commercial rental duration is now considered to be 7.2 years, selecting a location that can expand and adapt along with your business needs is again important. For entrepreneurs, who are looking for a business setup in Dubai, check out our beginner’s guide to renting a commercial space in Dubai. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you rent your first retail space in Dubai: 

Location is Key

The location should be a major consideration for any office space area and should ideally offer a range of nearby amenities. Accessibility to places like restaurants should be within easy reach. Such factors boost the location’s benefits. Ask yourself if the location of the office is easily accessible via public transportation or what the commute will look like.

For example, if you have a DMCC Free Zone license, you must have your business workspace at the exact location. You should also consider: 

  • The business’s viability from your commercial venue
  • A sufficient amount of parking space for the staff and customers
  • If your space is a showroom, consider the area’s accessibility for the target customers to generate enough footfall

Your Office Represents You 

You should consider the first impressions your client will make of you and that starts with your office space and how well you take care of it. The selection of the location of the office reflects a great image of your business and its culture. Ensure that wherever you choose your commercial space to be – it makes a good first impression on your clients. 

Commercial Space in Dubai

Below is a list of the top areas to rent a commercial space in Dubai:

  • Business Bay 
  • Jumeriah Lakes Towers
  • Sheikh Zayed Road
  • Dubai Internet City 
  • Dubai Design District

Required Documents 

In order to rent and use a commercial space in Dubai, you need to follow specific guidelines. To avoid fines or legal troubles in your new business setup in Dubai, you should have all of the required paperwork in order. This includes:

  • Proof of ownership
  • Status of the premises
  • Compliance of the premises with current plans
  • The necessary permits to use the space

Ejari by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) is the regulatory body for all real estate transactions in Dubai, including renting commercial spaces. It is critical to understand all the terms and conditions before proceeding further. 

Visas for Employees

With expatriates from all over the world migrating to the UAE, many organizations engage highly qualified professionals from other nations to work in Dubai.   

Companies can provide visas to foreign workers depending on their qualifications. This permission, however, is limited by the kind and size of your company’s office. Regulations for a business setup in Dubai are as follows:

  • A corporation working in a shared working space may obtain up to three visas
  • A corporation working in a serviced office may get up to five visas (an office space usually found within a business center)
  • A physical space-based business can apply for visas based on the size of its office

Design that Enhances Efficiency

You’ll need to examine both square footage and layout while looking for a decent startup office. Make sure you have enough space for your staff by projecting their headcount for the whole lease period. Recognize how the floor layout affects how effectively the area may be used. A rectangle area, for example, will provide you with greater working space. To improve workplace cooperation, use a modern open-plan design when renting an office space.

Commercial Space in Dubai

Amenities for Employees

When comparing commercial office spaces in Dubai, make sure you understand what is included in the leasing fee in terms of fixtures and facilities. You could want to hire a facility with a kitchen or cafeteria for your staff. Consider commonplace but critical qualities such as include the amount and placement of power outlets, as well as extras like built-in gyms, saunas, and high-tech welcome rooms. 

Appropriate Lease Terms

Before you venture into a company formation in Dubai, you should have clearly defined objectives and a sound development strategy in place, as well as all financials in order. Therefore, before signing your first lease, carefully read the conditions. Your demands may vary considerably during a ten-year period, so seek a lease that allows for some termination flexibility.

The optimal office space leasing will combine convenience and affordability.

Further Questions: 

How Much Does a Lease Cost?

This will be determined by the quality, size, and location of the office space unit. To prevent hidden fees, as a renter, make sure you understand all of the covered expenditures and what you’ll pay for in your monthly rent. The good news is that you may sublease your space once you have obtained permission from the property owner.

What Documents Are Required to Lease Office Space?

Leasing commercial space in Dubai necessitates obtaining a temporary permission state license from the Government of Dubai licensing body based on the type of business you want to operate. Make sure to learn about the required limits of a company set up in Dubai.

What Are the Terms of the Contract?

In Dubai, the minimum lease term for business premises is 12 months. Some commercial property owners, on the other hand, may have prolonged lease arrangements of up to 5 years. As a result, make sure you familiarize yourself with the established provisions as soon as possible.

You should have done thorough research before leasing new office space in Dubai. Fortunately, finding a commercial space does not have to take long. We can ensure that our services will meet your various business requirements. Contact us to discuss your company setup.