Setting up a company in Dubai: Why should you do it?

Setting Up A Company in Dubai

Are you planning to set up a company in Dubai? Well, you should, if you still haven’t thought about business setup in Dubai. Although it is one of the largest business hubs in the UAE now, it will soon become the largest one in the world too.

Dubai is growing at a fast rate, giving opportunities to not only the local investors but financial investors. Therefore, the companies setting up in Dubai are also contributing to the growth. Moreover, Dubai has also been hailed as one of the fastest-growing economies of the world giving way to various business setups like real estate, trade, financial services, tourism, and more. All these sectors are contributing majorly to the GDP of the country.

Establish a successful business in Dubai

Being one of the biggest business hubs of the UAE, your plans for setting up a company in Dubai isn’t possible without your local agent. Business Link UAE is your link or a first step towards developing a business in the UAE. We will assist you with the entire process of setting up the company. We will make sure that the process is easy and offers the benefit of privacy and tax exemptions. Well, there are different zones in Dubai that you can establish your business.

Since Dubai has already earned the reputation of being a revolutionary business, it is providing a diversified environment for all. It is bringing in an open market trading sector that is extremely transparent and does not have barriers. However, if you are an ex-pat or foreign national planning for setting up a company in Dubai, you should reach out to professionals. Moreover, it is advisable to Business setup in Dubai free zone because it offers the benefit of extensive profits.

Types of companies in Dubai


Before setting up a business or company in Dubai, it is extremely necessary to understand which business categories are legal. Every company has its own set of rules and regulations that the owner and shareholders must fulfill.

General Partnership

As per the government rules, a general Partnership company needs to be established by two or more partners. One of the partners should be Emirates nationals. The partner name can also have its place in the entity name.

Public Shareholding Company

This type of company follows the process of Public joint-stock. The capital of the company is divided into equal shares for the partners. As per the rules, this type of company should have a minimum of 10 founders with 3 directors. The public can buy the shares.

Private shareholding company

The criteria are the same as that of a public shareholding company. However, a private shareholding company should have at least 3 shareholders. The public cannot buy the shares.

Free Zone Companies

This is one of the most common types of companies. Business setup in Dubai free zone can provide various advantages. One of the main reasons for the free zone company setup is that it provides 100% foreign ownership.

Limited Liability Company

LLC Company Formation in Dubai mainland and provide the license to operate in the UAE. However, the company should have a minimum capital for operating. The foreign owners can have only 49% ownership of LLC

Branch Office

The branch office setup is usually setting up a foreign company in Dubai with the same name. It may be the branches of free zone companies, GCC companies, and so on.

Why opt for setting up a company in Dubai?


Dubai is an ever-growing sector. Considering the fact that it has brought such a huge boost within such a short time, Dubai is one of the most prominent areas to look at for business setup.

In the last 3 decades, Dubai has shown massive growth especially in terms of industrialization. Foreigners and ex-pats are coming in and settling in Dubai because of the business opportunities that the city is providing. Whether you’re a business owner or foreign investor, Dubai should be on your list of potential destinations.

But how do you go about it?

If you are planning to set up a business in Dubai, Business Link UAE can help you. We assist with all the necessary paper documentation and other processes which is crucial for setting up a company in Dubai. Some of the common reasons why you should consider investing in Dubai include the following

  • Easy business

There are no complications when it comes to doing business in Dubai. If all your documents are approved and you have the minimum mentioned capital, you are all good to set up your company. Moreover, the free zones offer great tax exemptions which help to secure your capital too.

  • Low taxes

Dubai is one of those places that doesn’t have a lot of taxes for business owners. The government of Dubai does not really pay attention to the activities of the private sector. Hence, the companies are free to regulate their business activities, from hiring to assigning and more. However, the tax laws are very strict in this country and fraudulent activities are strongly prohibited.

  • High standard of living

Dubai is one of the most luxurious yet the most comfortable city to live in. Foreign investors can enjoy a wide range of benefits while living in Dubai. Moreover, Dubai is the home to world-class real estate and some of the best educational institutions. Dubai is also hailed to be one of the safest cities in the world because of the low rates of criminal activities.

Selecting Locations for Company Setup in Dubai

Mainland, Offshore and Free zones: these are some of the major sectors in Dubai where you can set up your business. However, when you proceed to choose a location for a company, you need to be extremely strategic. Business Link UAE can assist you in the process of finding a location for company setup in Dubai.

Some of the common factors to consider for company setup in Dubai include the following

  • Convenient
  • Sustainable
  • Profitable
  • Affordable

Do not proceed to choose a location if you aren’t sure about the benefits each zone has.

How to set up a company in Dubai?


The company registration process in UAE is entirely dependent on the entrepreneurs. Opting for a company set up in Dubai can be extremely beneficial. With the entrepreneurial market in UAE growing, several foreign investors are also interested in the Dubai market.

When you opt for a company set up in Dubai, the investors and entrepreneurs will have a wide range of options. The process for setting up a company will vary hugely depending on the business activity and requirement. Business Link has been working for years to help businesses establish themselves in the Dubai UAE market.

The company set up in Dubai is usually dependent on what you’re looking for. If you partner with a local service agent, you will be able to know the market thoroughly. Business Link can assist you in the process of business setup in Dubai.

Process of company setup in Dubai

If you want to opt for a company set up in Dubai, you will need to follow the basic rules. Setting up a company in Dubai can seem to be a daunting process. However, it is not. Business Link can help you ease the process and proceed with it very easily. The process for company setup in Dubai include

Know your business activity

The key to setting up a business in Dubai is to know what your activity is going to be. The nature of your business will determine where you can set up the business and for how much. It would help if you considered all the available factors before making a decision regarding a company set up in Dubai.

If your business depends on import and export, you need to choose your business activity center. However, initially, you need to determine the kind of business you are setting up.

Choose the company name

The company name is significant while setting up a business. It would be best if you chose the name so that it conforms to the regular standard. When you are setting up a business in Dubai, you will receive complete information and guidelines for choosing the name.

You will also need to visit the officials to confirm if the name is still available or not. However, going through the guideline manual will play an important role in saving time and money. If the name isn’t available, you can switch to choosing something else.

Have the paperwork ready

Once you are ready with the basics, you will need to fill up the paperwork. As foreign nationals, you will need to submit important documents like passports and visas. You will also need to submit additional documents such as a business plan or Non-Objection Certification in many cases.

Open a bank account

You need to open a bank account in Dubai to regulate your business and trade activities. Commercial Bank of Dubai can be one great choice for opening a bank account. It is advisable to visit the bank of your choice and start with the formalities. Your business set-up partner can however be of great help for setting up business in Dubai.

Company Formation UAE may not be easy, but you can easily proceed with it with the right partner. Make sure to check thoroughly and avoid all complications by consulting with Business Link. For more details, feel free to contact :

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