Branch of Foreign Company in Dubai

branch office setup in dubai

How to Open Branch of Foreign Company in Dubai?

The UAE has become a hub for foreign investment, be it in the form of a new business or a branch foreign company in Dubai. UAE’s uber flexible laws and regulations have contributed massively to the development of the business environment and has made it a popular option among those in the east and the west. Surely, with the increase in foreign investment, the business atmosphere in the country is only looking upward.

To promote and market products of a parent/holding company internationally, the branch of a foreign company in Dubai concept came into being. Under this structure, the branch of the foreign company has an additional presence that is not just physically separate in terms of area; but is in another country altogether. In UAE, a branch of a foreign company can be set up within two jurisdictions, Mainland or the Free Zones.

As an entrepreneur with existing businesses, setting up a new one may seem tempting. But in terms of cost-effectiveness and processing time – expanding your horizons and setting up a branch of your foreign company is a feasible option that many have benefited from. This company structure allows the foreign investor to retain complete ownership over their new branch office and can conduct the same activities as that of its parent company.

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Benefits of opening a branch of a foreign company in Dubai

UAE’s favorable tax system

The UAE doesn’t charge any corporate tax on money earned by branches of foreign companies. This means that the parent company retains all revenue that’s made.

MENA region

The UAE offers the perfect base to enter the MENA region, which with its demographics, is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decades. The UAE is strategically positioned with various powerful countries close by to carry out trading by air, as well as a strong sea route to facilitate trading by the sea – all in all, proving to be a great benefit to those investing in the country.

Easy auditing and administrative processes

You can expect to open the branch office in Dubai within days as there is no need to set up a separate finance function. The transactions between parent and branch companies are legally followed offering you a watertight audit trail.


Entering a new market in a new region can definitely feel daunting. However, unlike other business structures, the branch of a foreign company can easily be incorporated into new markets. This is credited to the UAE government having removed the requirement of a minimum capital permanently – making the entire process much more affordable.

100% ownership

Among many other incentives offered by the UAE Government, the aspect of being able to own your business completely is by far one of the most beneficial incentives. A foreign branch can be set up without having to find a local sponsor, all that’s required is a legal representative, in the form of a local service agent. The need for a LSA further depends on your business activities.

Documents Required

What is the process of opening a branch of a foreign company?

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