Expo City Dubai Is Gearing Up Ahead of Its Mega Launch – Get the Inside Scoop

Expo City Dubai

The Expo City Dubai is the newest attraction opening in the UAE. The Expo 2020 site we are quite familiar with has now been transformed into nothing less than a dream! This began as a global exhibition featuring 192 countries and all they had to offer. It quickly turned into one of the most magnificent events organised on an international scale. The Expo 2020 received global appreciation and welcomed as many as 24 million visitors in six months.

With the opening of the Expo City Dubai, the city aims to build on its dream of inspiring future generations. Expo City Dubai will be opening its doors on the 1st of October, two breathtaking pavilions are welcoming visitors.

Expo City’s Pavilions

The first pavilion currently welcoming visitors is Alif – the Mobility Pavilion. The vision of Alif is to showcase the passing of time and how things have progressed. A particular focus of Alif is on the region and culture. According to Expo City Dubai, the pavilion features “the awe-inspiring giants of Arab Civilization to the pioneering Emirates Mars Mission.”

Through the happenings at the pavilion, Alif aims to put light on how humans have progressed through history. The ways in which our cities have transformed through newer technologies will also be looked into.

The next attraction is Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion. Within Terra, visitors will be able to experience nature like never before. Think thick forests and deep oceans – a pavilion that will have you re-evaluate your relationship with nature and its beings.

Both pavilions are open to not just visitors but also to schools. This is excellent as it involves kids in workshops and practical learning within such environments.

Expo City Dubai

Tickets, Timings and More

Priced at an incredibly economical rate of AED 50, the Alif and Terra pavilions have been actively hosting people since the beginning of September. The Dubai Expo City pavilions are open for visitors all week long, from 10 AM to 6 PM for individual, group, and school visits.

What’s more? With UAE’s commitment to serving its community in the best manner possible, the newest attraction is free to enter for People of Determination and children aged five and below!

Expo School Programme

The education system in the UAE is one that is world-renowned for its inclusivity, and multi-faceted to accommodate as much learning as possible. Offering a mix of theoretical and practical learning, schools today aim to move away from traditional learning and are increasingly open to different ways of spreading knowledge.

As an attempt to facilitate new-aged learning, the Expo City features initiatives targeted toward school children, looking to learn and benefit from all that the event has to offer. With three programmes that offer distinct learnings, Expo City is sure to be a winner!

The first event is the Terra Science Show: Would You Rather? – a game show that features an interesting Q&A session with no right or wrong answers. Children, in this session, will face questions based on the environmental issue at hand, while also delving into some fun experiments that will allow them to learn and understand beyond what books can offer. Priced at AED 30 per student, the Q&A session is 45-minutes long and is available for all age groups from Monday to Friday.

Next is The Alif Journey – which as mentioned above, takes you through the passing of time and provided an incomparable experience of human transformation.

The Cultural Journey is an upcoming programme that brings to light the journey of Dubai. It also delves into how it’s come to where it is today – as part of the Vision Pavilion. Next, showcasing the Women’s Pavilion, students will learn the wonderful impact women have had on the society of Dubai. The aim of the Cultural Journey is to highlight the most important happenings of our city and those who helped it achieve all its accolades.

Both programmes cost AED 700 per workshop which can accommodate 15-30 students in each session.

Keeping in mind the heights at which Expo 2020 soared, there’s no doubt that Expo City will be anything less!