List of Business Opportunities for Women Entrepreneur in Dubai

Starting a business in UAE must have been a dream for every woman. The economic environment in the UAE is constantly growing. UAE is not only leading the way in terms of scientific achievements but business too. The phrase women entrepreneur was an alienated concept in the UAE. However, in recent times, they have been forming an important part. Successful women entrepreneurs have been contributing to the success and also to the economy of the country.

Starting a business in UAE as a Women Entrepreneur

Female entrepreneurs form an important part of the economic environment. The rise in women entrepreneur initially was considered to be difficult. However, in recent times things have become pretty easy for female entrepreneurs. Since there has been a rise in entrepreneurs’ business, females are also being welcomed.

Reports show that the number of Women entrepreneur has increased significantly between 2006 to 2013. Furthermore, they are creating small and medium-sized businesses. One of the most significant benefits is that they are also welcoming ex-pats.

Nonetheless, the UAE still needs to work on improving the section. There are numerous successful female entrepreneurs in the UAE. The women entrepreneur are working in the right direction. They need to bring basic improvements within the industrial sector to help everyone start a business in the UAE.

Successful female entrepreneurs and their business

The startup culture in Dubai is growing. While a few years back, it was only dominated by men, in today’s time, women are also taking the front seat.

These women entrepreneurs have also become the leading force in the country. Similar to males, women have also been contributing to the growth of Dubai. Their successful startups have been funding Dubai’s economy.

What are the popular business ideas for women in the UAE?

Starting a company in UAE for women requires them to follow the protocols. Not every business setup is going to be an easy one. Therefore, it is always advisable to do some research about which business ideas can be helpful. Getting in touch with a local agent like Business Link UAE will help to establish a business while promoting growth.

Some of the key business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Dubai include the following:

Consultancy services

Consultancy is growing in Dubai. It is one of the main businesses that any individual can start in Dubai with minimal investment. Women who are aware of consultancy services can start their own businesses. However, women must have sufficient knowledge about the consultancy industry to get a license. The consultancy service isn’t a large or commercial business setup, but it can be fruitful.

Fashion Boutique

Fashion is constantly on the rise. Since Dubai is open to accepting different kinds of fashion, opening a fashion boutique in Dubai will not be a challenge. One of the best parts about this is that many popular courtiers are already settled in Dubai. It is necessary that the individuals choose the right location to start their business in Dubai.

If your business strategies are successful, you can eventually earn a lot of profit with your fashion business. However, it is necessary that you choose an ideal location to set up your physical office in Dubai.


There are numerous freelance opportunities in Dubai. Women who have the right skills and want to expand their freelance business should apply for a freelance license in Dubai. This helps to ensure that the particular person is experienced in the field.

If you are freelancing, you can offer your services from any part. The rise of freelancing culture has also given rise to various female entrepreneurs in Dubai. The various freelance businesses that women can choose from include interior design, digital marketing, social media management, and more.

Cooking business

This doesn’t mean you need to open a restaurant. If you want to start a cooking business, you can start from your home. Dubai has seen a massive influx of foreigners. Most of these people are working individuals who do not get enough time to cook.

Any woman considering a startup in Dubai needs to have a specific qualification. However, if you want to establish one business that has no restrictions, you can start your homely food cooking business. Any woman who excels in culinary skills can easily gain a significant profit in the field. However, it is necessary that you maintain the quality of food to ensure the growth of your business.

Why should women consider starting a business in UAE?

Starting a business in UAE can prove to be highly fruitful for women. According to reports, there are specific sectors where women are only paving the way. While the technology sector is believed to be male-dominated, in the UAE, women are getting equal opportunities.

There are several fields where women can take an active part and prove their leadership. Here are some of the key reasons to start a business in the UAE:

Several initiatives to promote women entrepreneur

Female entrepreneurship has been given a significant position in the UAE. Through their initiatives, the government of the UAE wants to promote gender equality. Some of the key initiatives include

  • Abu Dhabi Business Women Council
  • Dubai Business Women Council
  • Dubai Women Establishment

Affordable business setup

UAE offers the flexibility to start a business at pretty low costs. You can choose from the different locations and get the key benefits. One of the best places to start your business in the UAE is the free zones.

The free zones are streamlined by the government and help to set up businesses easily. However, if you want a mainland setup, you may need to shell out some money from your pocket.

Support for company partnership

Private companies also take the initiative to promote women entrepreneurs. They collaborate with the UAE government to help build more female entrepreneurs through training programs.

Some of the famous partnerships that have been helping with the success of female business include:


  • Women Entrepreneurship Summit MENA
  • Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women
  • JP Morgan Foundation

The partnerships to promote women entrepreneurs often get filled within a few days. Therefore, female entrepreneurs trying to become a part of the program need to check it closely. Furthermore, it is also crucial to submit your documents on time and with accuracy.

Changes in Visa for female entrepreneurship

The government of the UAE has been taking all necessary steps to promote female entrepreneurship. The recent changes in the visa program have helped attract more females. The ex-pats can get up to one year of residency and a 10-year property view. As a result, these amendments may allow women to create a successful business in the UAE.

Encouraging more women to work

After childbirth, the family often becomes the most important thing for a woman. However, it is necessary to make a balance between the two. The schemes and programs by the UAE government will help to bring the necessary balance within the ecosystem.

With the increasing business opportunities, starting a business in UAE is no difficult task. However, it is crucial to understand the minimum requirements. This will help you comply with the eligibility criteria. Business Link UAE can assist you in the entire process. Being your local agents, we will guide you to the maximum success of your business. Want to start your business in the UAE? Contact us immediately.

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