Expo 2020 Dubai UAE – The Global Platform For Business Possibilities

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE, a world expo to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, is not far away. The Expo of the global level will host the world for a period of 173 days from 20th October 2020. It is a microcosm presenting and discussing global issues, the global economy, and more. In the spirit of education and communication of fundamental challenges faced by today’s world and the best Business opportunities.

Dubai Expo 2020 is all about the world coming together to shape the future. Just as the motto says: Connecting Minds and Creating the Future

What is Expo 2020?

Dubai Expo 2020 is a world expo out of four expos organize under the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). These expos aim at bringing the world together to look for solutions to fundamental and global issues. They are global events promoting culture, education, business, partnership, innovation, ideas, technology, and an international stage for almost everything.

Countries, international organizations, diplomats, investors, people in business, innovators, and millions of visitors come to share. Their minds create a place for global dialogue for progress, cooperation, and property throughout the world.

One Year Countdown To Dubai Expo 2020: How Will It Create a Global Platform For Business?

Dubai Expo will be a world of its own and will have the minds of the most significant vision. Every country will hold its pavilion, offering a wide range of opportunities relating to business, investment, technology, philanthropy, and more.

The business will be in full strength in every sector for a corporation, partnership, affiliate programs, sponsorships, job works, service, and whatnot.

This means business setup in Dubai, partnership, company setup in Dubai, and other business ventures will be in full swing.

Hesham Abdulla Al Qassim, Vice-Chairman, and Managing Director, Emirates NBD, says, “We have also identified small businesses as key growth drivers to the event and have amplified our support to the UAE-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups registered to do business with Expo 2020 Dubai.”

He further added, “Looking ahead, as the pace of development steps up, especially in terms of projects, real estate, and transport infrastructure, we anticipate that Expo 2020 Dubai will continue to provide significant financial opportunity to the UAE economy and its banking sector.

Opportunities Expo 2020

The event will shine a spotlight on Dubai’s immense investment potential, and in addition to the direct project financing opportunities, financial institutions can also look forward to increased interest from overseas companies and its related transactional opportunities.”

Dubai, as a business stage, will attract investors, businesses, visitors, and more, generating a lot of business and employment opportunities. Business setup in Dubai, company setup in Dubai, investments, and other business ventures will be wholeheartedly accepted and promoted.

The decisions and arrangements for the Expo benefit the business sector of Dubai and UAE by building infrastructure, expanding the economy, global exposure, and business opportunities in Dubai.

So, buckle up for business opportunities in various sectors, global exposure, and a lot more in Dubai Expo 2020. Also, get in touch with your business setup consultants in Dubai for setting up a business in Dubai to capture opportunities ahead.