Business Setup in Sharjah

The method of business setup in Sharjah is mostly similar in all the emirates of the UAE.  For all minds of Business, it is a very viable option due to infrastructural support. Also, the provisions that favor the capitalistic market.  The UAE is a part of the WTO and that enables it with a lot of advantages in rendering it a fully capable free-market economy. An economy that sustains its business rather than depleting it. Seeing the trends, the UAE has also gotten into a number of agreements with different countries that create a network of foreign businesses finding good land in the same.  Avoidance of double taxation is one such agreement. A business setup in Sharjah would be a very good option if you are looking to expand your business or even if you are just starting.

Starting something from scratch in a foreign land can make you a bit clueless. This is why we have laid down a list of all you need to know about doing it. With the help of a Business Consultant, Company registration in Sharjah can be made easy and hassle-free.

Everything You Need to Know About Business Setup in Sharjah

This is the biggest step that you have to take while you are trying to set up your business in Sharjah. There are three kinds of licensing that you would need and these three will determine your kind of work and define the parameters of your operation. These three are – commercial license, a professional license, and an industrial license. You would be required to apply for these licenses and there are varying kinds of jurisdiction within it too. A PRO can guide you through it too. Some businesses might require approval from specific ministries and government departments too.

A locally run UAE Company needs to have a 51% ownership by a UAE national and a fully foreign-run business needs to operate in the free zone only. You need to find an appropriate sponsor. If you are planning to run locally or get yourself eligible and running for the free zone.

A foreign company operating in the UAE needs to have a representative office of a UAE nationality.  Who would act as a parent company and appoint a local service agent? Who guides one through different administrative procedures and runs the business smoothly?

You would be free of a lot of restrictions and formalities If you are operating in a free zone. Because of this, there will be a boost in the country and employment of the country. There are about thirty free zones in UAE.

You would be required to register your domain name and in some cases getting a virtual office in dubai is compulsory. Registration is a fairly easy process and does not require a lot of paperwork.

After you have been monitor, licenses will be approved and you will allow to run your business and just get in regular checks and invigilation.


Business Link UAE will answer all your questions about how to setup business in Dubai and can guide you through it also. You only need to get in touch with us to avail our commendable services.