Activities Included in Freelancer Visa Dubai

Living and working in Dubai is a dream of many, but everyone is not interested in opening a company in UAE or going to the office for a 9 to 5 shift. The culture of a home office, flexible working hours, and work from home are becoming much more popular, which are better termed as freelance activities. The millennials prefer this.

So, to start working as a freelancer, one needs to have a freelance license permit. It is a major part of the initiatives by the Government and cost-effective permits by Free zones. With a freelance permit, freelancers can widen their network, get more work from companies, and eventually, with the name, trust, and money accumulated, they can open a company in Dubai.

How to Get a Freelance Visa in Dubai?

To start operating with freelancer activities in Dubai, you need to have a freelance visa, or else you will require a residence visa and work visa.

  • Select the type of freelance activity you need a license for.
  • Apply to the free zone (RAKEZ, Fujairah, Ajman, etc.) from where you need a license.
  • Submit required documents including passport copy, qualification certificate, reference letter, and more for interim approval
  • A customer confirmation letter is received from the Free zone in case of approval
  • Submit documents and confirmation letter for final approval
  • Charges involved include – a freelance permit fee and other charges
  • Sign Free zone Sponsorship for Freelance visa and permit collection.

It is necessary to know that the freelancer license in Dubai is issued for one year and requires renewal, that too at a much lower price.

Business Link UAE helps you through the process and always informs you that many free zones give a Flexi-desk to the freelancers to use services like mail, administrator, conference room, etc.

What Are the Activities for Which Freelancer Visa can be Issued?

Technology – Mobile, web, software development, and architecture; Telecommunication and networking; data science and analytics; customer service

Education – Education advisor, executive coaching, eLearning Advisor, Researcher, trainer

Media – Photographer, animator, actor, audio/sound engineer, artist, brand consultant, content provider, cameraman, commentators, copywriter, choreographer, composer, editor, event planner, critics, creative director, graphic designer, illustrator, journalist, furniture designer, marketing specialist, media planner, lighting specialist, market analyst, PR specialist and more

What are the Benefits of Working as a Freelancer in Dubai?

  • Work remotely and at the time one prefers to
  • Earn enough money for themselves and stay independent
  • Maintain a work-life balance by having enough spare time for themselves, family, friends, and work
  • Save on commuting expenses and time to have a good profit with every freelance assignment
  • Don’t need to spend a penny on creating office space or hiring employees
  • Free from the legalities of setting up a business
  • Be an individual brand and create a name of your own
  • Not restricted to serving a single company, rather can work for multiple clients and earn good money

If you wish to begin working as a freelancer, we are here to help you get a freelance visa in Dubai as soon as possible without worrying about anything. For more information, you can contact us at +971556070118 or mail us at