Why Hiring Business Setup Advisors for Company Setup in Dubai

Why Hiring Business Setup Advisors for Company Setup in Dubai

Why do you need to hire Business Setup Advisors for company setup in Dubai? Dubai is one of the fastest-growing economies globally and a preferred business destination for foreign investors. Furthermore, this Emirate is popular with entrepreneurs, investors, and small and medium enterprises who want to set up business here. Setting up a business in Dubai would require a UAE national who can become the local sponsor. 

Furthermore, Setting up a new business in a foreign country is challenging, no matter how investor-friendly the laws and environment of that country are. It becomes easier and more manageable to start a new business with the help of professional business setup advisors. These advisors can be a -one-stop solution- for recommending a feasible business activity to their clients. To get the company up and running, including getting the legal approvals and business license. 

Starting a business in Dubai 

So, whether an entrepreneur or foreign investor wants to set up a business in the free zones or the mainland. The business setup advisors provide the right advice and support to the entrepreneur. The Business setup advisory services are well-versed with all the rules and regulations of Dubai. They have a team of Management, Legal, Finance, and Marketing experts who ensure a bouquet of services. It helps to kickstart the business venture in a foreign land.  

One does not need the right moment to set up a business though today is the opportunity to start one. The recent amendment in the ownership laws in UAE has come as a welcome surprise. From 1st June 2021, foreign investors and entrepreneurs can have 100% ownership of a business in Dubai. There will be no more mandatory requirements of a UAE Local Sponsor

However, If someone has the right business idea and the support of a business setup advisory services in Dubai. Setting up a business becomes easy and quick. Except for the initial bottlenecks like sorting out the legal formalities and getting trade licenses. Also consist of finalizing the business name, renting an office, getting the visa, and staffing is routine. All these processes can be completed without any hiccups if one chooses a professional business advisor. 

The following are the main steps in starting a mainland company setup in Dubai

Marketing plan 

So, the advisors will help strategize the best marketing plan for the business products and services. They know the Dubai city landscape well and understand its culture, people, and interests. New investors will have little idea about the consumer psyche and interests. We will find it challenging to reach their target audience without a business advisor’s help. Advisors can also help finalize the business or brand name that will go well with the UAE consumers. 

Analyze business type 

Secondly, Business advisors like Business Link analyze the type of business activity an investor has in mind. They will prepare a business feasibility report to specify the business potential of the clients. A professional SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and Threats) analysis report will spell out the road map for the proposed business setup. 

Once the business gets decided, the advisor ensures that the license is in the right category. Whether commercial, professional, or industrial. All necessary approvals for the proposed business are procured from the relevant authorities. The role of business advisors is crucial for obtaining these licenses and permissions. Moreover, each free zone has its formalities, rules, and regulations. They also ensure the registrations and other costs are as per tariff. No additional amount is extracted from the client apart from the advisory fees. 

Select Business set up location 

However, there are many zones in UAE that have specific restrictions. They result in limitations for business activities. A business setup advisor can help choose the ideal location for the business. Also, with the new laws allowing 100 % ownership in Dubai Mainland. The business advisors can help find suitable locations and free zones. 

Know the legal requirements 
  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. Branch of a foreign company
  4. Branch of a company in Free Zone
  5. Limited liability company (LLC)

Apart from the business constitution, rules and regulations specific to the industry propose starting the business. Moreover, Advisors like Business Link UAE provide pro services in Dubai to help procure cheap licenses or top-grade licenses depending upon the requirement. Most importantly, they will process the legal documents required to get the necessary approvals. 

In Conclusion, Hiring a professional business setup advisory and consultancy service in Dubai is a must if you are a first-time investor. They will handhold you right from consultation till the time the business commences. For more inquiries, get in touch with our professional team. ✉ info@businesslinkuae.com | www.businesslinkuae.com |                              +971-556070118 | ☎+971-43215227