5 Easy Business Setup Ideas in 2020

5 Easy Business Setup Ideas in 2020

The motivation for your business comes from a curious mix of good leadership, enthusiasm, dynamism, and following some basic conventions. These conventions are a broad-based format that guides you through the basics of business building. As UAE continues to build itself as a hub of major commercial activities, here are a few of these conventions or ideas that will help you give a boost to your business if you are based in the UAE. To provide an overall impression, we have laid down five business sectors and some ideas that go along with them to give you an overall impression. They have listed down below:

Low-cost business setup ideas in UAE


For products that come under this umbrella, one of the simplest business ideas is to go through the process of product registration. This step does not only ensure quality but also ensures that correct procedures have been undertaken for the manufacture of the product. It is a guideline that covers all the aspects of business beginning from licensing to export and thus adds a name and fame to your goods and ultimately your company.

Electronics (e-commerce)

even though all businesses get sufficient impetus from operating in Dubai, e-commerce websites find an upper edge. Setting up an e-commerce company requires you first to get a license from the necessary authority. You are also required to have a physical office as is the norm in UAE. A domain name has to be carefully chosen by you. To reflect your brand and get it registered. Even though it is a layered process, it is worth the hassles that it entails.

Garment trading

An industry that functions better in a free zone setup, dealing in all domains is a coveted business type in UAE. The biggest hurdle that you will have to jump over is to get a trading license. That will require the production of a lot of documents. You can get a general license or a specific license and then get it approved by the DED. Even though it is a relatively simple process, license attainment can get bureaucratic and lengthy.

Salon Business

Much like any service-based business, you either get it established under a mainland setup, or a free zone set up and you are good to go. The general requirement of a license and then authorization from the DED also come with it. Since it is a service-based business, no product registration requires, and can be quite easy to start.

IT consultancy

An IT consultancy, much like the salon business, is also service-based and can be established under either setup. The relaxation of norms regarding service-based industries has made it a popular choice for firms. A criterion that needs to fulfil is that of obtaining a physical office. Before starting any operation you should register your domain first.

As we can see, the ease of doing business in the UAE is relatively good. It does not require one to get through complicated processes and run around different offices. However, even these can get a bit tiresome when one has real business to take care of. This is why Business Link UAE offers to do this for you and get all your licensing and registration done for nominal charges. This support goes a long way in leaving you free to tend to actual business.