Know How to open a beauty salon in Dubai?

If beauty and makeup have been your love or profession, Dubai is a great place to Open a Beauty Salon and establish your talent. People here are fond of maintaining a high standard of living and taking care of their looks. Subsequently, this makes saloon business a great source of income in the UAE. You can either open your own new salon or get a franchise. There are various benefits of starting a saloon business in the UAE but first, you need to gather information on how to start a beauty salon business in Dubai. So, read below

Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

To open a beauty salon in Dubai, you need to obtain a salon license. There are:

Women’s Salon License: It gives license for hair care and beautification. Haircare includes hair washing, coloring, straightening, trimming, etc. Whereas, beautification services include makeup, waxing, manicures, facials, and more.

Men Salon License: It gives license for hair care services such as cutting, dyeing, waving, etc., and beautification services such as hair removal, facial, etc.

Read below to know the beauty salon license requirements in Dubai.

Documents and procedures for salon startup in Dubai:

The mainland is preferred to set up a beauty salon in Dubai as it offers a better business opportunity. According to the Department of Economic Development (DED), there are mandatory steps required for beauty salon setup in Dubai such as

  • Submit your and other investors’ passport copies
  • Submit your and other visa copies
  • Select a name for the salon and get it to approve by DED
  • Draft and sign a Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Local Service Agent (LSA) of the company
  • Rent a salon space for the shop and get a tenancy agreement with Ejari number
  • Obtain approval from the Planning Section and the Health and Safety Division of the Dubai Municipality. 

All these documents should be submitted to DED for obtaining a salon business license in Dubai. Also, we are here to assist you and get the required salon license in Dubai without having any difficulties and in less time.

For salon business setup in Dubai, you need to:

  • Get salon location approval from the planning department of Dubai Municipality
  • The signboard should be in front of a beauty salon
  • The salon should have good lighting and clean furniture
  • Use fireproof materials and water heaters
  • Height of ceiling and floor should be more than 2.30m

These and other requirements are necessary for the salon infrastructure approval in UAE.

Undoubtedly, this easy task might appear skeptical or a daunting one for you. To simplify your journey of a business startup in Dubai, we, Business Link UAE are here to guide you on everything from planning and arriving in Dubai to running a successful salon here.

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