UAE: Emirates ID to Replace Residency Visa in Passport

As per the new rules, the expatriates no longer need a stamp residency visa on their passports. The new regulation will be valid from the 11th of April. The cancellation of residency visas will however require the people to have an Emirates ID. According to the new rule, the Emirates ID will be enough to act as proof of residency.

Therefore, the residents will no longer need visa stamping. The visa stamping in Dubai is an efficient Emirates ID replacement. The passport of the holder is stamped only when the concerned person completes the entire process for gaining residency.

The stamp will provide important information like the date of issue, expiry date, residency file number, and sponsor detail. With the implementation of new rules, all your important information such as Emirates ID, and residency visa (renewal and issuance) will be available in the same document.

As per the information by the Federal Authority of Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security, the Cabinet took the decision to support the development across different states. However, including the information in the same document will play an important role in reducing the unwanted process of issuing and constantly renewing your visa. Since everything will now be linked to your Emirates ID, you can get the information from the same space.

Everyone must have an Emirates ID

According to the new rules, everyone must have an Emirates ID. The card will have a unique number assigned to the holder that they can use for receiving the government services. They can reach out to the smart travel gates at the airports easily. However, the individuals can opt for a digital copy instead of a physical copy to determine extra security.

How to get the Digital Emirates ID?

The smart app will allow the residents to get an online version of the identity card. This is extremely flexible and will be helpful for getting all your Emirates ID details digitally. The electronic linking technique will however be of great help. As said, the respective authorities have taken the decision to ensure every resident has a smooth and happier life.

New Emirates ID

According to the authority, the ICA Smart Application will allow the users to get a digital copy of their ID. However, to obtain the documents, individuals need to submit the renewal or issuance request. This will allow them to get their Emirates ID. The new Emirates ID generation is crucial for foreigners. Just like visa stamping in Dubai, the new Emirates ID will have important information such as professional and personal data along with the readable and non-readable data available on the card.

As per the statement of Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, the Acting Director-General for Foreigners Affairs and Ports at ICA, the previous type of residency stamp will however be available only online. The holders can access it from the smart application. Therefore, the identity card will serve as an alternative.

Final Words

Giving further clarification, he stated that the respective authorities have already coordinated with the stakeholders to check the valid residency visa for the foreigners. The passport reader will be available around the airlines. They will do the verification as per the rules.

He further added that necessary steps have been taken by the authorities to determine the residency of the individuals. The holders can access all the details from the app and even download the physical copy of the form from the official website of

According to Rashidi, the decision will lead to annulling the service for handing the residency passport to determine the stamping across residency visas.

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