Thinking of Setting up a Medical Billing Company in Dubai?

In its interest to make Dubai a central point for excellent health care services. Since it is mandatory that all its residents have health care insurance.

All medical facilities in the UAE, be they a hospital, specialized clinics, diagnostic centers, or a pharmacy, must register with the appropriate insurance agencies to attend and advise the greatest number of patients.

Subsequently, the process of handling insurance claims is one of the many tasks performed by health care facilities. To obtain their payments from insurance companies that investigate excessively. Along with the expansion of operating expenses and regulatory difficulties to maintain their medical facility in operation.

The result of neglecting this main task may result in delayed and diminishing income. An increase in labor expenses and a decrease in operational efficiency and profits.

The practical solution would be to outsource the process to experts to produce a much faster return for insurance companies and handle claims with a high degree of accuracy. Establishing a medical billing business plays an important role in the medical industry today.

They are a team of trained specialists who ensure that claims submit corrections and will follow up on denied claims.

What is the Scope of a Medical Billing Company in Dubai?

Medical billing companies are the link between medical facilities, their patients, and insurance companies. They provide services such as medical coding, patient demographics, income cycle management, accounts receivable, denial management; follow-up with insurance, patient and claim to file, etc.

Medical billing companies are firms dedicated to submitting claims to insurance companies and patients on behalf of medical facilities (i.e., hospitals, clinics, etc.) to ensure that their claims are paid against their services.

Ways to Set Up Medical Billing Company in Dubai

The medical billing company falls on the continent under a professional license with the Dubai Economic Department (DED).

You can configure the license as a professional structure or also as a commercial structure as a limited liability company (LLC).

Professional Licensing

In a professional license, keep in mind that the company may be 100% owned by an expatriate. But the appointment of UAE National as a Local Service Agent is mandatory.

Commercial Licensing

The structure of a commercial license will be 49% (expatriate) and 51% (national local UAE). There is an annual remuneration for the national UAE to pay. Which in return will be a parallel agreement signed between the expatriate and the national UAE. Which states that all the assets of the company belong to the expatriate and the national UAE will not interfere in the management of the company

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