Steps to Get Family Sponsorship Visa in Saudi Arabia

Every immigrant to Saudi Arabia wants his family to be with them wherever they move for employment. Many people consider it as a tough task and are unaware of the process. Business Link UAE will help you understand the steps for getting a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. There is a manual process, but now there is an online process. It is quick and easy.

Documents Needed for the Family Sponsorship Visa

  • Applicant must have a white-collar profession and age of 21 years or more
  • Iqama copy, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia visa and passport
  • Dependent’s passports
  • Marriage certificate in the Arabic language also and get it attested by the Saudi Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • In the case of children, birth certificates need to attest by the Saudi Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Each document needs to have an Arabic translation copy, including a salary certificate.

After the collection of all documents, the next step is to submit everything on the online portal and get the activate registration. There is a need for a letter from your sponsor addressing the passport department’s request for the family visa. The Chamber of Commerce stamps it. On acceptance, you can send visa numbers to the family members, submit documents along with fees.

Now, the papers will check and verify to obtain a yellow slip that needs to be sent to the family. In the native country, the family needs to present the documents along with a yellow slip for a stamp from the Saudi Embassy. Next, the family members will have a medical test from an approved lab.

Once the family lands in Saudi Arabia, a medical examination requires to apply for Iqama. Submit the reports to the Government Relations Officer of your company. The visa sanction process can take 15 days. Additionally, you can have health insurance of your family members (the charges may vary from one insurer to the other).

We at Business Link UAE are here to help you throughout the process online or manual process, whichever you feel comfortable with. We help you get your sponsorship visa as soon as possible without any delay. For more information contact us.