Get 10 Years Residency Visa in UAE

UAE Raise the Bar through 10 Year Residency Visa Grant 

The UAE has always been an ostentatious destination for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide for business setup. It remains at the forefront with its exceptional infrastructure, open environment, tolerant values, svelte legislation, and flexible schemes. Recently announced a 10-year residency visa scheme is one of the great initiatives by the UAE Government. That claims to attract many top-notch talents, professionals, and venture capitalists. It will bring a plethora of investment opportunities for new talents, students, expatriates, and business owners. This new scheme assumes to enforce by the third quarter of this year.

Take-off 10-year UAE residency and 100% business ownership

Aside from a 10-year residency program, the scheme will also benefit the UAE investor community by attaining 100% ownership of their companies. Now investors can think of more investment and permanent shifts in UAE. This scheme will apparently boost the confidence of global investors and their trust in the UAE market. The ten-year residency visa granting to investors, doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers, and professionals with technical expertise.

Residence Visa extension for students in UAE on the ball

The system is not only beneficial to investors and specialists, but it will also grant the same visa validities to their families. The Government passed an order to review the existing residence visa scheme. To extend the visa validity of dependents after their education “to avoid any hardships in their future residency drive”. Numerous opportunities for students are available in this scheme to continue their studies in the UAE.
The cabinet beckoned the concerned department to speed up the initiative by year-end. This scheme is believed to be a significant business progression and a pivotal shift of perceptions in the region.

Win-Win Situation for Investors

Business investors must acknowledge the current market trend in the UAE. Previously, if the business is established in the mainland, business investors can only attain partial ownership of the company, major shares belong to a UAE national. On the other side, investors in a free zone can attain a hundred percent ownership pertaining to different Free Zones business setup schemes in the UAE. However; with this new scheme of a 10-year residency visa, it is acclaimed that all business investment is expected to obtain 100% percent ownership of their businesses no matter whether the business is in Mainland or in the Free Zone. UAE has always been considering a safe and secure place for investment. This new law has brought more security, hope, and aspirations to the business mogul world without the benefit of the doubt.

A HUB for Scientists

UAE is always keen to bring sustainable setting and development initiatives. It has set all its ways to Mars mission and planning to establish the world’s biggest solar plants in the capital city. With this new visa scheme, there is great scope for scientists and researchers. To make an imperative shift in their careers and settle permanently in UAE.

A Helping Hand, a Better Guide for Business Setup in UAE

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