Steps to Get an Educational Training Institute License in Dubai

The education sector in the UAE is a high-value industry and a priority on the government’s agenda. Being recognized as having a knowledge-based economy and top-notch educational institution centers. Thus, opening a training facility in Dubai, due to the high number of expats is a profitable business opportunity. In order to set up an educational center, it is crucial to first obtain an educational training institute license in Dubai. Let’s look at how you can get the license in 5 simple steps. 

What are the perks of starting a training institute in Dubai?

 The following are just a few of the many advantages of setting up a training institute in the UAE:

  • You can have full ownership of your educational training facility. Additionally, the investors have no restrictions on the currency they can choose to repatriate 100% of their profits and capital gains.
  • There are many institutions that are leaders in their fields. As a result, you have countless options to work together, link your training center with their reputable institute, and develop academic programs that will change the game.
  • The best thing about opening a training institute in Dubai is that there are no taxes to be paid. Consequently, you won’t be required to pay any corporation or individual taxes while you’re on business. 

Let’s get into understanding the procedures of starting a training institute in Dubai. A training institute business setup is much like other business setups in Dubai. However, in order to get the license, shareholders must seek approvals from the following: 

  1. Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) – In the case of privately held education-focused businesses, this is the applicable government authority. 
  2. Department of Economic Development (DED) – Depending on whether the business will be based on the mainland or in a free zone. If you choose to set up in a freezone, the concerned freezone authority will be in charge. 

training institute license in Dubai

Now, let’s check the 4 easy steps to start a training institute in Dubai: 

  1. The DED or a free zone authority will run a security check of all the company’s shareholders and will grant the initial clearance certificate. The company should submit a list of three potential business names for the application process. A trade name certificate and initial approval will be issued as per the final approval.
  2. The next step is to obtain a NOC from additional governmental agencies. These include the Dubai Municipality, which ensures the premises satisfy all health and safety criteria. And the Dubai Civil Defense, which looks over the proposed floor plan of the institute premises. The KHDA will give its NOC following an assessment of all the essential documents.
  3. Following initial application approval by the KHDA, the permit is delivered to DED or the free zone authorities. The training is granted if all of the supporting documentation is deemed valid. 
  4. In this final step to receive a training institute license in Dubai, KHDA will conduct the final inspection before providing its final permission once all trainers and employees have been appointed and the location has been properly furnished with the requisite equipment. Remember to submit the training institute license details, tenancy contract, and civil defense certification to the KHDA. 

When applying for a training institute license in Dubai, it’s essential to keep in mind that an institute can only offer training for which it has obtained approval. The license is non-transferable and is subject to annual renewal.

What documents do you need to establish an educational training business in Dubai: 

An organized list of the paperwork you must provide to the administrative authorities for hassle-free company registration is provided below:

  1. A list of trade names, at least 3
  2. A list of business operations/activities
  3. Copy of each shareholder’s passport
  4. Entry visa page or stamp
  5. Passport-size photo, ensure you meet the size, background color, etc.

To ensure you have a smooth-sailing business setup in Dubai, you can consult a professional business setup consultancy. As professionals, they can guide you from picking an ideal location to choosing the correct activity and even naming your firm.