How to Book a Trade Name in Dubai DED?

When a foreign investor decides to establish a company in Dubai, he must follow some steps to incorporate it and one of them is to reserve the name of a company. This step is also important in case you need a commercial license for your economic activity.

To obtain this license, you must reserve a business name and request permission from the Dubai Department of Economic Development is responsible for the regulation of companies operating outside the free zones.

Foreign investors have the possibility of submitting the application for approval of the trade name online or submitting it to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). They must observe certain restrictions and pay a fee to obtain a trading name.

If you choose to register a company in Dubai free zone, the procedure is a bit different. The registration of the commercial name is an operation managed by the free zone authority.

How to check whether the company name is available or not?

After choosing a name for your company in Dubai, you should check if it is available and you can do so through a public service offered by the local Ministry of Economy.

You can send the company name written in Arabic or English. Verification of availability, reservation, and payment can be done online on the DED website.

The name of your company is important because it is representative of your business and your brand and will help differentiate your business from others.

The main steps to open a company in Dubai:

There are eight steps to follow after you decide to establish a company in Dubai:

  • Choose your economic activity
  • Find the type of company that best suits your business interests
  • Find a business name for your company
  • Submit the required application for an initial approval certificate
  • Write the memo
  • Establish the location of the business
  • Licenses for your business
  • Obtain a commercial license

Rules for reserving the name of a company in Dubai

When choosing a name for your company in Dubai, you should observe some local regulations:

  • It is not permitted to begin with “international”, “middle east”, “global”
  • The name must reflect the commercial activity
  • A name that is obscene or that has indecent words that may offend the public is not allowed
  • Names must not be translated, etc

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